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University researchers creating innovative flexible displays

PLASTIC BUBBLE: Professor Gregory Raupp demonstrates the flexiblity of the plastic after it has been engineered with the array of transmitters at the FDC building in South Tempe Friday afternoon.

Computer, cell phone and television displays may soon become as pliable as pieces of paper.

::Download a test video of the displays.::

ASU among first in nation in sustainability

Over the past few years, green has become one of America's favorite buzzwords.

Volunteer program puts students closer to the boys in blue
This fall ASU students will be able to translate 911 calls and run license plates as volunteers for the ASU police department in hopes of making the four University campuses safer.

Board of Regents approves $50 million cut to Arizona universities
After scrambling to make up a historic 2008 budget deficit, the Arizona legislature is working to avert another shortfall in 2009, in part by slashing more than $22 million from ASU's budget.

Police Beat
Three men were arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of burglary in the third degree on the corner of Mill Avenue and University Drive, police reported.

Downtown parking may be problematic in fall '08
The new Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix offers various parking options that could prove to be problematic for students, faculty, and staff this fall.

Preseason forecast: Fireworks likely at Sun Devil Stadium

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

Though he stands well short of 6 feet tall, Dennis Erickson is not one to fly under anyone's radar. The same can be said for the football team he will be coaching this season.

Former ASU utility player getting taste of minor leagues

The Sun Devil baseball team did not have the ending they wanted to their 2008 season, falling to Fresno State in the super regional.

Devil Dish
Twelve years after The Dream Team steamrolled through Barcelona and won Olympic gold as the greatest team to ever grace the hardwood, the 2004 version of USA Basketball was more of nightmare.

Opinions: New beginnings

It's been a disappointingly short, hot summer as always, and we here at The State Press are not all that enthused about classes starting again.

The first day of school is Aug. 25, by the way. We can't tell you how many times that question has been yelled across the newsroom this summer, so we thought we would answer it once and for all.

From the day this paper goes to print, there will be 21 days left until school starts. We're rooting for a sustainability malfunction to make campus uninhabitable at least until temperatures fall below the 90s and it's safe to be exposed to the elements while walking to and from class, but that seems unlikely.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

The author of the July 28th Letter to the Editor, "Who's going to pay for ASU to be green?" is one of many voices beginning to question the value of the sustainability movement. Although the point about rising tuition is valid, targeting sustainability as a major factor is shortsighted, misguided and ignores the volumes of information available about the benefits of this global trend.

ASU has embraced sustainability because it has correctly forecasted the need for universities to provide interdisciplinary students and research that can find solutions for the monumentally difficult environmental problems we face. Read any major science journal and you are guaranteed to find an article discussing the depressingly grave situation facing our natural systems.

Feel-good "Swing Vote" strikes patriotic chord

Touchstone Pictures/MCT

"Your vote counts." "Don't forget to vote on Election Day." "Exercise your right to vote."

Third 'Mummy' movie hopefully the last

It's been seven years since the "The Mummy Returns" and nine years since "The Mummy."

RC Helicopters

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