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Creating 'Henry'

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS
ARTISTS AT WORK: Zachary Hollis Cook (left) and Neil Gillingham (right) stand in the studio that displays their work. The pieces are arranged in order with a beginning and an end to tell a story.

About a year and a half ago, ASU alumnus Zachary Hollis Cook brought a poem he was working on to artist and fellow alumnus Neil Gillingham.

Three ASU grads taking shot in tequila industry

Before every ASU football game this season you can find the three founders of Cruz Tequila grilling and drinking, as they have for the past 10 years, on the second floor of the Packard Stadium parking structure.

Police Beat
A 20-year-old Tempe man was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of reporting false information to police and burglary at the 800 block of South Hacienda Drive, police reported.

Top Five ASU baseball players to make the majors

When Brooks Conrad trotted out to third base for the Oakland Athletics last Monday, he became the 90th former ASU baseball player to crack a Major League roster.

Devil Dish
College football.

ASU football expected to place second in the Pac-10
ASU football coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Rudy Carpenter were in Los Angeles Thursday to address the Pac-10 media on the upcoming season.

Opinion: Our summer regrets

With only about a month of summer left, we're counting down the days until we're back in class all day and doing homework all night. Or something like that. Summer is a time to relax and a time to do all the things we just don't have time for during the hectic school year. But in our case, most of the things on the to do list didn't get checked off. Blame it on the heat or gas prices or whatever strikes your fancy, but here is our list of the things we wish we had done this summer. Feel free to steal some ideas to fill up your last four weeks of freedom.

Opinion: The bizarre supersedes the law

I love If it's not news, it's bound to be there. What I love about the site is it provides me a window to dozens of stories each day of a nonsensical, hilarious and outright bizarre nature.

One particular story came out of an Australian newspaper this past week about a 48-year-old Tasmanian man who was caught with some illegal pornography. The work ranged from child pornography to bestiality pictures with dogs, ponies, snakes and tigers in total around 31,000 images.

Opinion: Letters to the editor

Ferrell and Reilly's 'Step Brothers' full of laughs


When people ask me my favorite comedy is, I always respond enthusiastically, "Dumb and Dumber."

'X-Files' movie would do better on the small screen

Although I'm not a die-hard fan, I certainly enjoyed "The X-Files" television show, which ran from 1993 to 2002.

RC Helicopters

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