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Saying goodbye

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS
ALL THAT'S LEFT: Byron Yellowhair’s diploma and graduation photo were among items displayed at his memorial service Monday afternoon in Discovery Hall at ASU.

In a classroom on the second floor of Discovery Hall on Monday, rows of people sat silently while Byron Yellowhair's mother openly wept over the untimely death of her eldest son.

Lottery funds to boost universities in '09

Arizona's three universities will bet on the state lottery to bring $1 billion in new buildings and renovations.

ASU cuts bus passes for faculty, staff
Starting Tuesday, U-Pass, the University's bus pass system, will no longer be free for faculty and staff members.

Police Beat
A 27-year-old transient man was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of urinating in public on the 150 block of West Fifth Street, according to a police report. Officers observed the man urinating on the side of a garage, the report said.

National HIV testing day brings out mayor
Mayor Phil Gordon attended the National HIV Testing Day at a small church in Phoenix Friday morning. Many community members gathered to be tested and to spread HIV awareness throughout the high-risk community.

Men's swimming fights to stay afloat
The men's swimming program is closer to being reinstated into ASU athletics after raising over $1 million in pledged donations.

ASU named nation's fourth-best athletic program in 2007-08

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

ASU Athletic Director Lisa Love said she hates the term "sleeping giant." For years, the term was associated with the Sun Devil athletic program.

Suns' No. 15 draft pick more than meets the eye — and that's saying something

He stands a legit seven feet tall and shares an uncanny resemblance to "The Simpsons" character Sideshow Bob.

Former Devil first Arizonan to qualify for Beijing Games
She's just 23 years old and she's already being compared to one of the greatest American athletes of all time, Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

Devil Dish
I always knew that last year's crop of Pac-10 basketball talent was off-the-charts good.

Opinions: Light-rail: Fail

The 20-mile, $1.4 billion light-rail system is great in theory, right?

We're sure the bigwigs behind it were thinking a mass transit system would put Arizona on the map as a booming metropolis, but here in Arizona we build out, not up, and a light-rail system just doesn't make sense.

Arizona is no New York — and we don't want it to be. Traditionally, our state has been the state of farmers, ranchers and acre lots for large families and their several pets. Our sprawling structures, backyard swimming pools and palm trees make the Valley an oasis in this desert, and shooting a light-rail through its heart will spoil the illusion.

Opinions: Fanboys destroy intelligent Internet discussion

Oh, glorious Internet. How I love thee. You provide information, media, communication and probably the best yet: expression. The Internet is a place where everyone gets a voice.

But that's where the problems start.

Much like choosing between the Jedi and the Sith, posters can choose between good and evil when commenting on Web discussion threads.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Gory thriller 'Wanted' feels like 'Matrix' déjà vu

If I worked in a dead-end job with an insufferable boss and tried to stomach a miserable relationship with a cheating girlfriend, I'd be thrilled if Angelina Jolie popped into my life one day, promised me a fresh start and deposited $3 million in my checking account.

Pixar's newest film an out-of-this-world love story

Every time I drop a leftover hamburger wrapper, an empty french fry container, Styrofoam cup and the accompanying paper place mat in the garbage can in my local mall food court, I feel guilty.

'WALL-E' writer and director brings metal to life
In the opening sequence of WALL-E, the lovable trash-compacting robot works to clean up an eerie, abandoned future version of the Earth while bouncing along to songs from the musical "Hello, Dolly!"

RC Helicopters

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