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'Year of the Sun Devil'

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
WINNING SMILES: Junior utility player Renee Welty and sophomore pitcher Megan Elliot celebrate after a 9-0 victory over the Northwestern Wildcats May 24 at Farrington Stadium that sent ASU to victory in the Women’s College Softball World Series in Oklahoma City, Okla.

It started as a screwball.

About knee-high as it left the pitcher's hand, rising and fading toward the outside part of the plate.

Officials say cheer's merge a result of safety concerns

Amid athletic cuts, members of ASU's former 15-member, co-ed cheer squad blame its merge with the school's dance team on money, not safety concerns cited by ASU officials.

Family singing group overcoming visual impairment
Although he can only see a couple of notes on a sheet of music, the art has become Scott MacIntyre's passion in life.

Controversial guns on campus bill fails in Senate
The bill that would allow students, professors and administrators to carry guns on Arizona college campuses won't have a chance to make it into law this session.

ASU researcher working to strengthen DNA
DNA has been nicknamed the building block of life. If so, one ASU professor is aiming to build with upgraded bricks and mortar.

Bulldogs' six-run seventh inning eliminates Sun Devils from Super Regionals

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

The Fresno State baseball team hung tough with Arizona State for six innings.

School-record 14 players picked in MLB draft

The ASU baseball team was already looking like a big-league club before Major League Baseball held its annual amateur draft last week.

Devil Dish
I can remember when I fell in love with the beautiful game.

ASU poised to secure third CWS berth in four years
Great success often comes at a great cost.

Bulldogs beat Sun Devils 8-6, force Game 3
Not many people picked Fresno State to emerge from the Long Beach regional as the No. 4 seed. Even fewer foresaw the Bulldogs making a trip to Omaha.

Opinions: A rant about irresponsible parents

RABLOVSKY: Over the weekend I saw the movie "Kung Fu Panda" with several friends of mine on opening night. The movie delivered in every way I could possibly imagine. There were rigorous training sessions, important lessons of inner-self and epic battles that were both fun and amazing to watch. It was such a great movie.

However, I cannot say that my movie experience was the least bit pleasant. I had a hard time hearing at parts due to the uncontrollable behavior of wailing elementary school children.

Opinions: The sky isn't falling, so shut up

BREYSSE: Two weeks ago I saw something that made me laugh, but I would have laughed harder if it wasn't true.

I pulled up to my neighborhood gas station and saw the woman next to me filling up her Hummer. As I slipped my card into the pay station I heard her talking on her cell phone, saying:

"I can't believe it costs so much to put gas in my car. I might actually have to skip Palm Springs this year because it would cost a fortune just to get there. God, things are going downhill in this country."

Opinions: Defining success
You want to succeed.

If you didn't, you wouldn't be here right now.

'Zohan' goes new places but gets lost on the way


I love movies that are different.

Thirty-one years ago, George Lucas introduced us to a world set "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

'Kung Fu Panda' a comedic kick in the face

Even though I own a black belt, I've never been a big fan of martial arts movies.

Big-screen adaptation of 'Sex' will enthrall fans, entertain everyone else
Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Four names that ring familiar for millions of enthusiastic fans of HBO's landmark television show, "Sex and the City."

RC Helicopters

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