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Tempe, ASU host events to celebrate Earth Day

DOWN TO EARTH: Nonprofit leadership and management junior Terra Ganem laughs as she prepares for Earth Day Monday afternoon.

The city of Tempe and ASU will show they have more than a minute for the environment at their Earth Day celebrations Tuesday.

Safety officials meet; few students show up

Campus safety was on the minds of about 20 ASU community members Monday afternoon during a sparsely attended town hall-style meeting with University and Tempe officials on the Student Services lawn.

First the alum won the $100 raffle ticket, then came the big prize
When Ted Myers won a ticket for the Health and Wealth raffle from a noontime radio show, his mother told him he was going to win big.

Technology group connects businesses, students
Since its creation in late 2006, the Advanced Technology and Innovation Center, or ATIC, has offered ASU students and faculty the opportunity to work with businesses in their fields to develop new technologies.

City ups department funding to crack down on graffiti
To crack down on graffiti in Tempe, the city's Public Works Department will need a bigger toolbox, Mayor Hugh Hallman said.

Crystal meth awareness campaign comes to Arizona
Bleach and drain cleaner, aren't just for household cleaning anymore. They can be used as ingredients, along with battery acid, brake fluid and many other harmful chemicals, in one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs.

Anne Frank exhibit draws parallels to genocide today
For some people, the Holocaust was a thing of the past, never to be repeated. The National Anne Frank Exhibit, showing at the Barness Family East Valley Jewish Community Center in Chandler, Ariz., makes a point to tell patrons that the Holocaust wasn't a one-time event, that genocide continues to happen throughout our world today.

Regular seasons end with whippings of the Wildcats


The ASU men's tennis team shut out UA 7-0 on Saturday at the Whiteman Tennis Center, in the team's last duals match of the regular season.

Sun Devils lean on juniors for support

The No. 4 ASU baseball team has lost five of eight games, surrendered its Pac-10 lead and suddenly does not look so invincible.

Devil Dish
Unless you live down south, where football is everything, not too many people care about their college's spring game.

Pendergraph to return for senior season
Sun Devil basketball fans, you can breathe more easily than your Pac-10 brethren.

Regular seasons end with whippings of the Wildcats
The ASU men's tennis team shut out UA 7-0 on Saturday at the Whiteman Tennis Center, in the team's last duals match of the regular season.

Opinions: Giving back to a good world

MASCHOFF: Every year in April, my sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, along with hundreds of other people and organizations, takes a walk around a track for about 10 hours. We camp out on the cold, wet grass at all hours of night listening to our iPods, watching movies on our laptops and playing very loud games of Catchphrase and Scrabble. In between the camping madness, we walk.

We walk for hours while trying to warm our cold hands and wake up our tired minds. So why do we make this long trip around the Sun Angel Stadium track every year? We do it to fight cancer.

Opinions: Educational system has dangerous potential for racism

WALLACE: According to the Associated Press, an elementary school in Rio Linda, Calif. (near Sacramento) has issued an apology on behalf of its principal, Jana Fields, who recently "summoned black students to a meeting to urge them to improve their test scores."

Additionally, a "meeting that Fields planned to have with Hispanic students to discuss their test scores has been canceled."

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Broadway's "Urinetown" puts twist on corporate ownership

Photo courtesy of Tim Trumble

The Tony award-winning Broadway musical "Urinetown," kicked off Friday at ASU's Galvin Playhouse with a cast of undergraduate students.

24-hour coffee shops help students with caffeine crave

Among hundreds of coffee houses in the Valley, some dare to keep their doors open all night. But eventually, some of these doors may close.

Chegg it out!
Everyone has had that one class the class that requires about 13 books with a complete disregard for a student's time, cash flow and backpack size.

Diving into Tempe's dive bars
Mill Avenue is great except when you don't want to be desperately vying for the attention of the bartender along with 87 other people. Scottsdale is fun and fancy but sometimes a cushy couch and mirrored walls don't make up for the $11 drinks. This is where the beauty of the dive bar falls in.

I wear my green on my sleeve
Many people dream of making a positive impact on the world, whether it be by living a green lifestyle, opening an orphanage or creating a nonprofit to help those in need.

RC Helicopters

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