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15,000 honor the heroic No. 42

AND THEY’RE OFF: Thousands of runners and walkers take off on their 4.2-mile journey from the starting line of the fourth annual Pat’s Run in Tempe on Saturday morning.

Combinations of the numbers four and two highlighted the annual Pat's Run on Saturday.

Unity, renewal found in tribal ceremony

In American Indian culture, a powwow is more than just dancing and drumming — it's the reunification of tribes, with families coming from hundreds of miles away to celebrate.

Pontiff's visit means promise, politics for some ASU Catholics
Though they may be thousands of miles away, Catholics around the United States and ASU have had their focus on Washington, D.C. and New York City this past week, looking for guidance from the leader of their faith.

Through night, illuminating need for a cure for cancer
Relay for Life has become a ritual for Britlin Kohrs.

Police Beat: 24-year-old arrested on suspicion of shoplifting
A 28-year-old Phoenix woman was arrested early Thursday morning near U.S. Route 60 and McClintock Drive on suspicion of possession of dangerous drugs, according to police reports.

Web site offers easy digital music conversion
While rehearsing at a friend's house, Jonathan Kressaty eyed the thousands of CDs his friend had collected over the years, a collection that formed a plastic mass of discs too valuable to throw out, but quickly overwhelming the house's storage space.

Crystal meth awareness campaign comes to Arizona
Bleach and drain cleaner, aren't just for household cleaning anymore. They can be used as ingredients, along with battery acid, brake fluid and many other harmful chemicals, in one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs.

Final-inning rally gives ASU season series win against UA


For the first time in 20 years, the No. 1 Sun Devils (48-3, 10-1 Pac-10) completed a season sweep of No. 7 UA (29-4, 6-6 Pac-10), but it didn't happen without some late inning heroics.

Kennegard lone star for men, women begin Pac-10s

The ASU men's golf team followed up last week's victory with a sixth-place finish this weekend at the U.S. Intercollegiate at the Stanford Golf Course.

Devil Dish
Do you ever have one of those days when you refuse to watch ESPN for the rest of the day in order to avoid the replays?

Little offense leaves annual spring game in a tie
Standing 46 yards from the crossbar in the waning moments of Saturday's annual spring game, there was no doubt in Thomas Weber's mind that he would be the hero.

Sun Devils cap regular season with upset win
The ASU water polo team was firing on all cylinders on Saturday.

Opinions: Barack Obama is better than you

OGINO: Senator Barack Obama isn't just an elitist, he's "1337."

For those of you who don't TiVo "Anderson Cooper," Barack Obama made a speech at a San Francisco fundraiser that Hillary Clinton suggests is "elitist." In it, he suggests that people cling to guns, religion and anti-immigrant views because they are bitter about their economic status.

People are accusing Barack Obama of being out of touch. Who has he lost touch with? The gun-toting, bible-thumping bigot vote? Why is the fact that he condemns gun nuts relevant? He didn't have their vote to begin with. And according to a Pew Research Center poll, only a little over half of Americans believe that he is Christian (one in 10 believe he's Muslim). It's pretty clear who's ignorant in that equation.

Opinions: Onward and upward

SHOPE: It's somewhat peculiar for people my age to talk about the end of an era or the end of a chapter in their lives. But, in reality, what I experienced over the weekend really was.

For the last five years of my college life, I've been a member of the College Republicans, and this past year I served as the chairman of the statewide organization of College Republicans.

On Saturday, when I was down in that little city to the south that is home to that little insignificant university, I spent an excellent day with Mike Sistak, my College Republican co-Chairman and best friend. State Senate President Tim Bee, who Mike works for, is a candidate for the U.S. Congress in Congressional District 8 and was traveling around Tucson with a man whom I consider to be brilliant, Steve Forbes.

Opinions: Letters to the editor
It's eye-catching, but I don't like it, and I don't think it serves its purpose as a visual aid to help explain all of the article's tricky numbers. It even seems to illustrate a point contrary to that of the article.

Dumb luck and moving up

Ashley Harris

When Mesa singer-songwriter Austin Gibbs began writing songs nine months ago for his girlfriend, she didn't like them.

Beauty and the uggo

Flipping through magazines, one can't help but wonder why some gorgeous women chose, ahem, less-than-gorgeous men as partners. A new study has the answer.

'The Visitor' a strong tale of friendship
Currently, the country appears caught in a malaise between enforcing illegal-immigration laws and carrying them out in a fair way.

'Stripper Zombies' a deadly disaster
Sometimes it takes more than lots of gore and naked women to make a movie worth watching. With a statement like that, it seems like I need to preface the rest of this review by saying that I generally enjoy films that contain little more than these two things. Read my reviews of "Grindhouse" and "Diary of the Dead" for proof.

RC Helicopters

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