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A tradition 3,000 years in the making

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
KOSHER CUTIE: Tzvi Tiechtel, 5, son of the Chabad House’s Rabbi Shmuel and Chana Tiechtel, looks hungrily upon the Charoset dish his mom makes while they prepare for the Seder Passover dinner. Charoset is a sweet dish of apples, walnuts and grape juice symbolizing mortar.

A tradition with more than 3,000 years of history is still very important to Jewish ASU students, who will celebrate the holiday Passover this weekend.

Bus company issues apology for KTAR flap

Coach America publicly apologized Thursday for temporarily prohibiting KTAR 92.3 FM from being played on busses driving between ASU campuses.

Anti-abortion group appeals free speech case against ASU
Three ASU students are appealing a U.S. District Court decision that said their First Amendment rights were not violated when the University forced them to get insurance for two anti-abortion events in 2006.

Tempe Police seek charges against Phoenix officers
Tempe Police recommended this week that a current Phoenix police officer and former officer be charged for a March 21 aggravated assault.

Study: Home prices falling, buyers still wary
Buying a home in Arizona might be less expensive this year than it was last year, but buyers are still keeping their checkbooks in their pockets as a weak housing market continues to slip.

Web site offers easy digital music conversion
While rehearsing at a friend's house, Jonathan Kressaty eyed the thousands of CDs his friend had collected over the years, a collection that formed a plastic mass of discs too valuable to throw out, but quickly overwhelming the house's storage space.

Soundslides: Curtain Call: The Pillowman
The ASU production of dark comedy The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh opened Friday at the Prism Theatre and runs through April 17. The plot follows Katurian, an author of gruesome children's tales, through his police interrogation for several bizarre murders committed in the style of his stories.

Weekend affair pits in-state rivals


UA is coming into town to face the ASU softball team on Friday, and it will be looking for some revenge.

Sun Devils to play host to defending national champs

At this time last season, the ASU baseball team was in the midst of a 12-game win streak and weeks away from sweeping Oregon State in Corvallis. But the Sun Devils were also just a month away from losing in the College World Series to OSU, which eventually won its second consecutive title.

Devil Dish
Three members of Congress are now saying what college football fans across the nation have been saying for years: We want a playoff system.

ASU looks to start new streak
The season finale lies within reach of the ASU men's and women's tennis teams, and this weekend both squads will be intertwined in a matchup against its rivals.

Sun Devils gear up for final scrimmage
Saturday can't come soon enough for the ASU football team.

Sun Devils strive for upset bid in season finale
There's no dancing around the issue: Saturday is a big day for the ASU water polo team.

Opinions: Miss class? Try to have some

SPIVACK: It's almost that time of the semester again. That time when the Bud (Lite) is replaced by the (Red) Bull, and late night takes on a whole new meaning as we take to the books for one last round.

But there's another thing that's going to happen and has already been happening throughout the year: e-mails — lots and lots of e-mails.

Opinions: Beware of the campus zombies

MAPES: When a person needs answers, what better place to turn than Wikipedia? The site does not receive the credit it deserves.

Despite professors who do not allow it as a source for papers, Wikipedia has statistically the same number of errors as your trusty (and dusty) encyclopedia. The real issue that teachers have with Wikipedia, as I see it, is that it makes research too easy. They want you to struggle.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
Come see what the editorial board boo'd and bravo'd this week.

Break dancers serve ASU

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS

What began as the Kings of Arizona in 2006 has evolved into the first-ever National B-Boy League in four states across the U.S.

Getting dumped has never been so much fun

Ever been dumped?

Chegg it out!
Everyone has had that one class — the class that requires about 13 books with a complete disregard for a student's time, cash flow and backpack size.

Crossing the street
Dealing with a noisy roommate may be annoying at times, especially when said roommate is holding band practices.

I wear my green on my sleeve
Many people dream of making a positive impact on the world, whether it be by living a green lifestyle, opening an orphanage or creating a nonprofit to help those in need.

RC Helicopters

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