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Study finds one in five US college students are un-covered

Efren Martinez considers himself lucky.

ASU community raises voice against sexual assault

"Two! Four! Six! Eight! No more violence! No more rape!" chanted attendees of Take Back the Night at Palo Verde Beach on Wednesday.

American Indian sorority recruits downtown for first time
Alpha Pi Omega Inc., the first Native American Greek organization on the ASU campus, is recruiting new members for the first time on the Downtown campus.

Governor signs ID theft bill
When Sen. Amanda Aguirre received a phone call to confirm a purchase of shoes worth $2,000 made with her debit card, she joined the ranks of millions of Americans victimized by identity theft.

USG election controversy grows
A student court on Tuesday added to the confusion over who will lead the Undergraduate Student Government next year, leaving an uncertain fate for disqualified President-elect Joshua Pittel.

Group aims to up recycling
Key players from the Global Institute of Sustainability and the University recycling team met with a group of Polytechnic students, faculty and support staff Wednesday afternoon to discuss the state of the recycling program on the Polytechnic campus.

Web site offers easy digital music conversion
While rehearsing at a friend's house, Jonathan Kressaty eyed the thousands of CDs his friend had collected over the years, a collection that formed a plastic mass of discs too valuable to throw out, but quickly overwhelming the house's storage space.

ASU Chabad to host annual Passover Seder
Jewish students do not have to worry about not being able to celebrate Passover just because they are far from home. ASU Chabad hosts a Passover Seder every year, and this year is no different.

Soundslides: Curtain Call: The Pillowman
The ASU production of dark comedy The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh opened Friday at the Prism Theatre and runs through April 17. The plot follows Katurian, an author of gruesome children's tales, through his police interrogation for several bizarre murders committed in the style of his stories.

Decorated former Sun Devil returns to train

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS

It takes Dwight Phillips 68 steps to walk down the runway toward his start point.

Devil Dish

First things first, I have to thank my massive fan base.

Decorated former Sun Devil returns to train
It takes Dwight Phillips 68 steps to walk down the runway toward his start point.

Devil Dish
First things first, I have to thank my massive fan base.

Opinions: Logic loses

As a general rule, death is not something we're fans of. It makes people sad on a heart-breaking level, it is often untimely, it often purges age and wisdom from our world, and it is, in some cases, painful.

To us, viewpoints don't get more logical than that.

They do, however, get much less logical. Case in point, John Paul Stevens' findings on the Supreme Court case Hill v. Crosby a case involving a particular three-chemical method of lethal injection in Kentucky and whether it qualifies under the Eight Amendment's label of "cruel and unusual punishment" that was decided Wednesday afternoon.

Opinions: Please don't stop the music

PELTON: I have a friend let's call him "Bob."

Many years ago, Bob walked into a record store to purchase Blink-182's "Enema of the State" album. That was the last CD that I I mean Bob ever bought a CD.
Welcome to the world of illegal downloading.

No, this isn't another article about Napster or Limewire and how to cheat the system. This article is about something that actually could happen to you or at least 33 of you.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Bloody barber takes revenge at Gammage for one week only

Photo courtesy of

Buckets of blood, deathly shrieks, coffins and a straitjacket are just a taste of what audiences experienced at ASU Gammage Auditorium on Tuesday night.

Diving into Tempe's dive bars

Mill Avenue is great except when you don't want to be desperately vying for the attention of the bartender along with 87 other people. Scottsdale is fun and fancy but sometimes a cushy couch and mirrored walls don't make up for the $11 drinks. This is where the beauty of the dive bar falls in.

Long Blondes' new album would fall flat without vocalist
The Long Blondes' new album "Couples" is a faithful tribute to the notion that a lead singer can remedy any situation.

Alt-rock band Telescope to hit Phoenix
The Flagstaff alternative rock band Telescope will come to Modified Arts in Phoenix April 25 and The Loft in Tempe April 26 to hand out free CDs and satisfy a growing following in the local music scene.

Chegg it out!
Everyone has had that one class the class that requires about 13 books with a complete disregard for a student's time, cash flow and backpack size.

Beauty and the uggo
Flipping through magazines, one can't help but wonder why some gorgeous women chose, ahem, less-than-gorgeous men as partners. A new study has the answer.

RC Helicopters

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