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Amid controversy, KTAR host broadcasts from campus

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
PROTESTING THE BAN: KTAR morning talk show host Darrell Ankarlo broadcasts from Lot 59 North Monday to protest the ban prohibiting the playing of radio on ASU's shuttle bus transportation system.

An ASU parking lot became the battleground for a free speech debate Monday when a KTAR talk radio personality hosted his show on campus to protest the station's being banned from University shuttle buses.

In clay, sculpting a cure

ASU researchers are proving that clay from the ground can kill even the strongest bacteria, including the flesh-eating "superbug" MRSA.

Business group offers women free membership
The Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, or NAWBO, is sponsoring one-year memberships for 10 female ASU students who plan to own their own businesses.

Nazi Bush mural receives mixed student reactions
Despite controversial displays at last week's Border Justice Event held at the West campus that aroused mixed emotions in students, ASU West's Public Affairs Director Steven Des Georges said he is proud of the event.

Police Beat: Student suspected of masturbating in Computing Commons
A 19-year-old male ASU student was arrested Friday morning in the Computing Commons on suspicion of public sexual indecency, police reported.

ASU Chabad to host annual Passover Seder
Jewish students do not have to worry about not being able to celebrate Passover just because they are far from home. ASU Chabad hosts a Passover Seder every year, and this year is no different.

Soundslides: Curtain Call: The Pillowman
The ASU production of dark comedy The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh opened Friday at the Prism Theatre and runs through April 17. The plot follows Katurian, an author of gruesome children's tales, through his police interrogation for several bizarre murders committed in the style of his stories.

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Sun Devils escape trouble, sweep UNLV

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS

The No. 2 Sun Devils swept the UNLV Rebels in an afternoon double-header, first by winning a 6-5 nail-biter, and then by relying on their bats and solid relief pitching to win the second game 14-7.

Conference foes take cracks at ASU

Unfortunately for the ASU men's tennis team, close only counts in horseshoes and golf.

Devil Dish
Though the NBA's regular season is at its end, the debate as to who is this year's most valuable player is just beginning to intensify.

Sun Devils escape trouble, sweep UNLV
The No. 2 Sun Devils swept the UNLV Rebels in an afternoon double-header, first by winning a 6-5 nail-biter, and then by relying on their bats and solid relief pitching to win the second game 14-7.

Historic win streak comes to an abrupt halt
All good things must come to an end.

Opinions: Death and taxes

There are bad days and there are bad days. April 15 is both ... and then some.

Historically speaking, we've seen nothing but miserable things on April 15:
In 1865, Honest Abe President Abraham Lincoln died. Since that fateful day, nobody has been honest again ever again.

In 1912, the RMS Titanic sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, with a human loss of 1,503 this is believed to include famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Opinions: Humiliating people online is wrong, even for local governments

WALLACE: Avondale, a city about half an hour west of ASU's Tempe campus, now posts pictures online of people arrested for and suspected of shoplifting. This practice has been set up as a deterrent and is certainly an advancement well beyond Maricopa County's policy of posting mug shots of people convicted of DUI online as a punishment.

The suspected shoplifters in Avondale, whose faces have been slapped on the Web, haven't even been convicted of the crime for which they are being punished. They are suspects in the United States.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Joe's Real BBQ is real good

Photo courtesy of Joe's Real BBQ

For barbecue lovers, there's no better place to try than the Gilbert staple, Joe's Real BBQ, celebrating its 10th successful year serving delicious barbecued food to Valley residents. Joe's is fun, casual, low-key and well-priced. It stands in a large, open brick building in charming downtown Gilbert. Its relaxed, neighborhood feel fits in perfectly with the Western atmosphere surrounding the area.

Breathe this in

The smog downtown may be thick, but people in the building on the corner of Garfield and Second streets are breathing deeply.

Getting to the source
Not many lawyers put aside the legal briefs on the weekends to play indie-rock.

Giving those emo kids something to really cry about
In a few of Mexico's major cities, an aggressive wave of rejection has overcome emo kids, resulting in violent street beatings and protests.

It's like a sword only it's not really
The products of consumerism have served mankind efficiently, but now it is time to figure out if some products are after good and if some are just after wallets.

RC Helicopters

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