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With growing season, drug busts blossom


The onset of Central America's growing season may have contributed to increased seizures of marijuana and drug money throughout Arizona last month, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Crow suggests Dubai partnership

ASU may soon cultivate a partnership with an unlikely international ally — the Middle Eastern city of Dubai.

Guard in tow, County Attorney Thomas addresses College Republicans crowd
The crowd was anything but hostile, but Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas brought a security guard with him when he spoke to the College Republicans in Discovery Hall Thursday night.

ASU offers scholarships to D.C. interns
Students who have always dreamed of working in Washington, D.C., but couldn't foot the bill can now get a little help from ASU.

Soundslides: Curtain Call: The Pillowman
The ASU production of dark comedy The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh opened Friday at the Prism Theatre and runs through April 17. The plot follows Katurian, an author of gruesome children's tales, through his police interrogation for several bizarre murders committed in the style of his stories.

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Premier ASU meet brings out Olympic best

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS

Senior Matt Turner is not scared.

Nerves are nonexistent.

He's trying not to worry about it, but it'll be hard.

Top teams set for conference showdown

Only two Pac-10 softball teams remain undefeated in conference play.

Sun Devil men take their turn as host
The ASU women's golf team had the chance to host a home tournament last weekend, and now it's the men's turn.

Sun Devils remain optimistic despite recent tussle
A need for control is everywhere in gymnastics.

ASU tries for upset of undefeated Bruins
The regular season is winding down for the ASU water polo team, which has three games remaining on its schedule, two of which are this weekend.

Opinions: Some real comic relief

OGINO: In comic strips, there's Calvin and Hobbes and everything else. The Far Side, Dilbert, and not even Peanuts come close to Bill Watterson's masterpiece. It's not that any of those are bad, but "Calvin" surpasses them like a comic strip Jesus or Buddha. Most comic strips have a niche of some sort. "Dilbert" is for cubicle dwellers, "Baby Blues" is for stressed parents, "Family Circus" is for … special people. You will never find a strip in "Calvin" in which the humor is exclusive to a certain demographic.

Opinions: You're not in the Olympics

DHANANI: There is a large sector of Americans who are inflicting torture upon themselves in the public eye, well within sight. These people are well-known for their outlandish behavior, but recently studies have shown that this self-inflicted torture may be causing a serious detriment to their overall health and brain function.

In fact, a recent article in Science Daily said that scientists have found that this behavior "affect[s] an individual's memory, ability to perform simple daily tasks, and attention span."

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
Take a look at what the editorial board Boo'd and Bravo'd this week.

Measuring up


Jennifer Peña, an interdisciplinary studies junior, has an enviable hourglass figure. But that doesn't mean finding well-fitting clothing is any easier for her.

It's like a sword only it's not really

The products of consumerism have served mankind efficiently, but now it is time to figure out if some products are after good and if some are just after wallets.

A risky business
Everyone has an embarrassing celebrity crush.

Breathe this in
The smog downtown may be thick, but people in the building on the corner of Garfield and Second streets are breathing deeply.

Cover it up
Campus bathrooms don't always have the best conditions and touching anything might cause an infectious disease.

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