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Speakers challenge global warming

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS
WHAT: Goes up can come down: Dr. Robert Balling discusses his arguments, providing alternative theories to why temperatures on Earth are getting warmer during a presentation to students in Discovery Hall Thursday evening.

Some 120 students excused themselves from Tempe's 77-degree sunshine to hear a panel of global-warming challengers lecture in Discovery Hall Thursday evening.

Budget cuts?

With legislative budget cuts looming, University departments are beginning to scale back spending and examine what costs can be cut if state money falls through.

Drop-out, part-time teacher numbers linked
University students taking introductory-level courses with part-time instructors are more likely to drop out after their first year, according to a new study.

Study: Grads face tougher job market
Graduating ASU students heading into the real world might have a difficult time finding a job. However, when they do, their salaries are expected be higher than average.

ASU's political organizations reaching out to students in election year
One vote can make a difference. This is the word political organizations at ASU are sending across campus to increase voter turnout and political awareness among college students.

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ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

ASU treks to Oregon for a pair


Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. ASU softball coach Clint Myers wears his heart on his face.

Sun Devils finally take to the road

If there's anything the No. 1 ASU baseball team still needs to prove, now halfway through its season schedule, it's that winning isn't contingent on batting last as the home team. The Sun Devils will have ample opportunity, playing 16 of their remaining 28 games on the road.

Athletes go their separate ways for meets
The dynamics of the ASU track and field team don't appear to be conducive to a team environment.

Sun Devils start quest for new streak
The ASU men's tennis team continues its Pac-10 season as it hosts Oregon at the unfamiliar Whiteman Tennis Center on Friday and Washington on Sunday.

Nolan a standout, but soft-spoken leader
The theme of this spring for the ASU football team has been defense.

Opinions: It's all been done before

SLAGLE: It's all but impossible to say anything original. In all likelihood, what you're saying or what I'm saying has been said before. Maybe someone has even written this column before I would bet on it.

Why do we even bother suggesting ideas or concepts when, in essence, we're just repeating history? Is it because we all hope that just once, our idea will be revolutionary? That we'll be given the highest respect because of our wisdom?
Think of art or fashion or even tactics on the battlefield it all comes and goes in cycles. We're all wearing clothes that were popular in a different time period, but have just "come back into style."

Opinions: I've been censored

CEO: My editor said I am allowed to write about anything I want within reason. I am not allowed to write about anything too over the line, or anything that will cause him headaches, as he is out of Aspirin. I am also not allowed to write about Britney Spears anymore, or Paris Hilton. And I should avoid things that are too personal (like a narrative about a shopping experience where I was baffled about how many choices of butter exist), or anything that will make the readers cringe or threaten to kill me.

Censorship, some people call it. I happen to agree, but as I write, I also happen to understand why there must be limitations in even the freest of presses.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
Take a look at what the editorial board Boo'd and Bravo'd this week.

Celebrity Fight Night aims to win fight for charities

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Fight Night

Muhammad Ali has been fighting his entire life. Once the most sought-after professional boxer, Ali fought mainly with his fists.

Film shines light on the Stones

I love rock and roll, but I've never slapped down $50, $90 or whatever it costs to see The Rolling Stones in concert.

Phoenix Improv Festival to feature local talent
The seventh annual Phoenix Improv Festival is rolling into town, and event producer Bill Binder said this year's event will focus more on local talent than past year's festivals.

The next frontier
We are all kind of pissed about going downtown next semester for our journalism degrees.

For some, the concept of "spring fever" means a boost of energy and a need to clean the house. For others, it means a more frequent tug in the pants.

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