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ASU grounds prove fertile for agriculture education

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
SUSTAINABLE: Environment design senior Lana Idriss waters her young sprouts in the Secret Garden Monday as a part of the ASU sustainability internship.

Organic growing at ASU is taking root.

Can helping university construction help save Arizona's economy?

Arizona's three universities have proposed a plan to stimulate the economy by creating construction jobs, but economics experts are questioning whether the $1.4 billion plan would be enough to save the state from a recession.

Police Beat: Four ASU students arrested at Palo Verde Main
Four male ASU students were arrested early Friday morning in the Palo Verde Main residence hall on suspicion of alcohol violations, police reported.

Memorial honors anniversary of student's death
Since her death in March 2007, nursing sophomore Jillian Boda's friends have immortalized her name on the Internet, with tattoos and on the Eiffel Tower.

Sun Devils dealt a serious blow at Pac-10 Championships


The Cinderella script was perfectly mapped out for the ASU gymnastics team.

Broken records mark eventful weekend for Sun Devils

It was a weekend of milestones for the ASU water polo team.

Devil Dish
Major League Baseball opened its season on American soil Sunday night with who else but President Bush throwing out the first-ever pitch at Nationals Park.

Diagnosis of Paramore rules out serious injury
Crisis averted. Well, at least for the time being.

Christian Polk leaves ASU basketball program
Sophomore guard Christian Polk has become the first casualty of the Sendek era at ASU.

Opinions: It's all an April Fools' joke ... I wish

MASCHOFF: Since the first day of April is set aside for the celebration of all things joking, I have decided to tell you a joke: What student organization puts on a skit where a white student (in black-face) performing as Barack Obama gets a lap dance, while two students dressed as cowboys pretend to have sex in the background, and then rip up an Obama poster? A student organization called the North Dakota State University Saddle and Sirloin Club.

Opinions: I swear, I'm cursed

WRIGHT: For one of my classes, I watched "Scarface" with Al Pacino, and our professor mentioned that the edition had an optional special feature: an on-screen counter keeping track of every "f-bomb" used in the film.

This led me to wonder why we, as a culture, are so hung up on swear words. There are a few words that, for whatever reason, have been deemed unfit for general use, and many people avoid them like the plague.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Austin or Bust: SXSW 2008


'Tis the season for the music industry. The holiday box sets have gone out and spring brings first-quarter optimism in an industry suffering from uncertainty. The practice of touring is a huge factor for artists, and creates buzz around them in a tangible way.

BOOM! You're dead.

Though a little brash, this was how life ended for many folks who strolled into the boomtown three hours from ASU known as Tombstone.

On the catwalk
I was a big fan of the Harajuku girls introduced by the catchy tunes of Gwen Stefani. I was accustomed to sushi and knew what a typical kimono was. I did not, however, think in a million years I would come face to face with any of those.

Rapper and rockers find an indie common ground
At first, it seems incongruous for up-and-coming rapper Cadence Weapon and hot indie-rock trio Born Ruffians to co-headline their American tour.

The wonder years
All the Hanson brothers are now married, even the girly looking one. Let's just get that out of the way.

RC Helicopters

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