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Tempe to review graffiti policy

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
TAGGED: Tempe’s mayor and a city councilman have agreed to re-examine how the city deals with graffiti like these markings at Southern Avenue and Hardy Drive.

With city officials looking to re-examine Tempe's policy on graffiti, some supporters of graffiti art are hoping that their voices will be heard as well.

Through a dark tunnel, enlightenment

An hour-long trip through a "tunnel" could give Downtown Phoenix students insight into the types of oppression faced by segments of our society.

ASU gives park some tender loving care
A Phoenix park got a makeover this weekend with the help of some ASU students and faculty members.

Ex-regent aims for county post
With the experience he gained during two years as an ASU student regent, Ed Hermes said he's now ready to supervise Maricopa County.

USG voting begins today
Voters familiar with the change versus experience theme in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination may notice a similar dynamic as they vote for the next president of the Undergraduate Student Government.

ASU begins Pac-10 play with sweep of USC

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS

ASU baseball coach Pat Murphy has said all season long that his team wasn't quite ready to backup its annual expectations. But the No. 1 Sun Devils (25-1, 3-0 Pac-10) went a ways toward disputing that claim with a clean sweep of longtime rival USC to open Pac-10 play this past weekend. They outscored their guests 34-12.

Sun Devils hold first spring scrimmage

Though the calendar may read March, the ASU football team's preparation for the fall is in full swing.

Benedetti, Nuess capture 18th for ASU at championships
ASU sent just two men to Federal Way, Wash., for the NCAA Swim and Dive Championships this weekend.

Sun Devils beat Stanford for first time in nearly a quarter-century
The ASU women's tennis team accomplished something it hasn't achieved since before most ASU students were born.

Sun Devils continue qualifying success outdoors
It'd be easy for the ASU track and field team to get complacent at a time like this.

Sun Devils' hot arms cool Bay Area bats
Pitching and defense allowed the ASU softball team to sweep its first three games of Pac-10 play.

Opinions: Lights out

We would like everyone to have kittens — lovable, adorable kittens.

Ideally, they would freely prance around the city indulging us in their fluffiness and precious little meows … and the cuteness would warm hearts everywhere … and the overall happiness of the world would be raised to unprecedented levels … and just like that, nobody would ever be sad again.

Opinions: Got a problem? Barack can solve it

CALDWELL: Yesterday, a stranger told me that a taillight was out on my glorious PT Cruiser. He said his name was Barack Obama, and he stopped in the middle of his day to fix it for me. I still don't know how he had that extra bulb handy.

Either way, I hear he's a pretty good guy.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

MTV feel, narrow focus fragment 'Stop-Loss'

Photo Courtesy of MCT

Until the time comes to reinstate the draft, this country's movers and shakers will have to settle for the "back-door draft," otherwise known as the stop-loss policy. The new film "Stop-Loss" goes to extreme lengths to alert Americans to bureaucratic crimes committed against the members of the armed services.

The Black Keys rocks the Marquee

While hordes of Valley residents were enjoying themselves at the Tempe Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park on Friday, others were across the bridge getting their guts rocked out by The Black Keys.

My lucky number is ... 72?
The common financial situation for college students usually calls for eating macaroni and cheese every night, but there is a way students can look forward to a more financially secure future.

On the catwalk
I was a big fan of the Harajuku girls introduced by the catchy tunes of Gwen Stefani. I was accustomed to sushi and knew what a typical kimono was. I did not, however, think in a million years I would come face to face with any of those.

Spin me right round
The president is speaking.

Sew in for Spring
Woven flowers and pretty patterns are adorning shirts, jeans and tank tops everywhere. This spring, embroidery is in.

RC Helicopters

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