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Hot-handed Gators scorch ASU

FRANTIC: Sophomore guard Derek Glasser looks for an open teammate during the Sun Devils’ game against the Florida on Tuesday night at Wells Fargo Arena.


Sometimes it's the only way to express how one feels.

Group clashes with ASU Foundation about spending, hiring of Crow's wife

ASU's fundraising organization was the target of criticism the past two days from an activist group citing financial improprieties, but ASU officials said the allegations are bogus.

ASU ranks low in controversial federal funding
As lawmakers and universities continue to tiptoe around the controversial funding practice of earmarks, ASU officials have decided not to apply for these funds, hoping the decision pays off in the future.

Tempe Police seek public's help in finding suspect in Friday's Mill Avenue stabbing
A stabbing victim was still in critical condition Tuesday and Tempe Police are requesting the public's help in finding his assailant.

4,000 U.S. deaths in Iraq bring 100 protestors to McCain's office
Rustling signs, glowing candles and bowed heads illustrated the feelings of Valley protestors Tuesday night as they gathered in Phoenix to honor America's 4,000 fallen soldiers.

Obama bridging gap between politics and pop culture
Popular culture and politics have merged to brand Barack Obama as the "it" presidential candidate.

Soundlides: Soundtrack to the Game
Soundtrack to the Game features members of the ASU Basketball Pep Band in a multimedia presentation by State Press Photographer Jeffrey Lowman.

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ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
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ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Women slip to Duke

Photo Courtesy of ASU Media Relations

The ASU women's basketball team was plagued by its inability to notch a signature win all season.

And now that black cloud will hover over the Sun Devils (22-11) for the entire offseason, as No. 6-seed ASU lost to third-seeded Duke, 67-59, in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Tuesday.

ASU pitching deceives Marshall hitters in sweep

Almost everyone can catch up to a fastball.

Devil Dish
Major League Baseball started the 2008 season on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan.

After successful season, Sun Devils have newfound confidence entering spring practices
Following its best season in more than a decade, the ASU football team took some time off following its Holiday Bowl loss in December.

Youth powers Sun Devils
The ASU men's golf team seized fourth-place honors in Tucson, thanks largely in part to a final-round push by the young squad that consists of four freshmen and a sophomore.

Opinions: Madness? You ain't seen nothing yet

PELTON: Oh, the madness.

First, there was the unfortunate event of Western Kentucky hitting a miraculous shot to beat Drake, screwing my bracket over. Then, Georgetown decided to act like they've never played basketball before, which left me shaking my head in disgrace. My girlfriend could have picked more winners than I had. Both of these hurt me badly.

And then there's the madness here in Phoenix. In just a few days, the Valley of the Sun will host yet another major sporting event — the NCAA Men's Basketball West Region Finals. Due to this, the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 portion of the West fourth of the big bracket will be played at U.S. Airways Arena.

Opinions: Church should not be an annoying obligation

CLEVERLY: As a regular churchgoer who is Catholic, I get frustrated with a certain group of people who give religion a bad name, especially when such small easy steps could be taken to fix their image. These people are called "Christers," the combination of the words Christmas and Easter.

Obviously, these are the two most important holidays to any Christian, and personally they're my favorite — great food is cooked and spending time with the extended crazy family is always fun. But since I go to church every Sunday and usually sit in the front row with my family, I hate going to Christmas Eve and Easter masses.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Austin or Bust: SXSW 2008


'Tis the season for the music industry. The holiday box sets have gone out and spring brings first-quarter optimism in an industry suffering from uncertainty. The practice of touring is a huge factor for artists, and creates buzz around them in a tangible way.

Review: Yardhouse

If it seems surprising to find satisfying food at the mall, then Yardhouse is a very pleasant surprise.

It's getting haute in Phoenix
As always in fashion, there is a constant turnover of "new" trends and hot places to be.

From the editor: I should be hugging a Peep instead
This editorial is not about fashion. I'm sorry the picture is deceiving; I am just not a very fashionable person.

On the catwalk
I was a big fan of the Harajuku girls introduced by the catchy tunes of Gwen Stefani. I was accustomed to sushi and knew what a typical kimono was. I did not, however, think in a million years I would come face to face with any of those.

RC Helicopters

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