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New trials, new hope in program

Allison V. Smith / MCT

Dubbed the "Snaggletooth Killer" and convicted of the 1991 murder of a Phoenix bartender, Ray Krone spent 10 years in prison — three of them on death row.

Tempe Council gives thumbs-up to Catholic high-rise dorm

The hopes of more than 100 area Catholics were fulfilled Thursday night when Tempe City Council members voted unanimously to approve a renovation of the ASU All Saints' Catholic Newman Center.

Police Beat: Woman forges to cash check received from a classifieds Web site
A 20-year-old Tempe woman was arrested on the 3200 block of South Rural Road on Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of forgery, police reported.

ASU maintains heavy hand in research with Mars Rover
Controlling robots and snapping photos of the final frontier is just a day's work for the ASU staff and alumni who continue to play a role in Mars research.

Magazine tells Tempe residents: Take a hike
Lace up your walking shoes — Tempe has been named the "Best Walking City" in Arizona.

Campus Ministry returns to ASU
Brother Jed Smock stood outside Hayden Library waving the Bible in his hand, shouting passages at the mass of students that surrounded him.

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Some smaller bike shops struggling against large chains
With five privately owned bicycle shops within walking distance of ASU's Tempe campus, it would be reasonable to assume that students would make up the majority of those businesses' customers.

Sun Devils stuff Southern Illinois

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS

Now, that's how a second half is supposed to be played.

ASU enjoying perfect start; record on the line versus UA

The ASU men's tennis team looked relaxed at the end of practice Tuesday, as players laughed, hugged, yelled and cheered during a doubles match.

Tourney opener features two defensively-minded teams
The ASU women's basketball team's slogan all season has been "ready to dance."
And now it's finally time to boogie.

National champs begin transition to outdoor season
One down, one more to go.

Hawaii no paradise for ASU
The ASU women's golf team's week in Hawaii finished the exact same way it started — in third place.

Opinions: Good Friday, same old story

WALLACE: What I'm about to tell you is true.

On a particular Sunday a few months ago, I had an important meeting to get to on campus. I was, as usual, rushing to get there on time.

Pulling my Isuzu truck north onto College Avenue from University Drive, I noticed a metered parking spot open on 7th Street by the store called "Here." I swung into it and jerked to a stop with a little extra jerk just for the benefit of the horrified elderly couple watching from the sidewalk.

Opinions: Democrat voting Republican ... again

SACKETT: The first time that I was able to vote, way back in 1996, I voted for a Clinton — Bill Clinton to be precise. I really had no idea about politics at that time. I didn't really care who was president, but the economy seemed good, so I voted for the incumbent.

In 2000, I voted for George Bush, and in 2004 for John Kerry.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
Take a look at what the editorial board Boo'd and Bravo'd this week.

'Drillbit Taylor- Budget Bodyguard' is a comic reminder of high school

Photo courtesy of MCT

Remember your first day of high school?

SPM Best of: Music

Get jiggy with the winner of our category for best music venue, and find your rebound store to replace the beloved Hoodlums.

SPM Best of: Shopping
Charge it! Find out the best places to score sweet housewares, earn indie fashion cred and pick up a good read — all while running up that credit card bill.

SPM Best of: Food
Who doesn't like a good basket of chicken fingers? We know Celeste sure does. Find out which ones are the most rockin' in Tempe, along with the best places for some amazing hangover food and delicious milk shakes.

SPM Best of: Lifestyle
We know you've been searching for the best place to get your fortune read or the best place to act like a kid again. Check out the best hair salon, picnic spot and bars the Valley has to offer.

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