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On Iraq anniversary, 300 rally in Phoenix against conflict

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
REMEMBERING THE FALLEN: At dusk Wednesday evening, protesters stand outside of Sen. John McCain’s office in Phoenix to mourn the deaths of soldiers who’ve been killed fighting in the Iraq war.

A woman on the corner of 16th Street and Missouri Avenue yelled to Phoenix motorists, "Honk your horn, no more war" — and most obeyed — as protestors wielded signs reading, "Drop Bush, Not Bombs," "McCain's policies are Insane" and "Bush the Lying Turd."

Scientists develop screening process to remove toxins from tap water

ASU scientists have found a new way to remove a common toxin — proven to be a carcinogen in animal studies — from water.

ASU, Police use bait cars to hook auto thieves
Would-be thieves might think twice about stealing a car from University parking facilities, as a new police partnership makes it more likely they'll find themselves in jail than in a new ride.

Drunk o' the Irish
Drinking and partying during St. Patrick's Day festivities led to more arrests for driving under the influence and higher than normal blood-alcohol concentrations, Tempe police said.

Black feminist leader: Think, act for yourself
Rebecca Walker, a feminist and renowned writer, delivered a speech Wednesday night to more than 100 students and faculty at the West Campus.

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Some smaller bike shops struggling against large chains
With five privately owned bicycle shops within walking distance of ASU's Tempe campus, it would be reasonable to assume that students would make up the majority of those businesses' customers.

Rough road lies ahead for tourney-bound Sun Devils

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU women's basketball team knew going into Selection Monday that it would be playing in the NCAA Tournament.

Burkhart's no-hit gem leads ASU to victory

It's becoming almost a standard now for the 2008 ASU softball team. The recipe for success includes dominant pitching combined with timely hitting, and smart softball.

Bucking the brace, Dymond returns to shine
Any athlete recovering from a serious injury has a huge physical obstacle he or she must deal with and overcome.

Injuries don't stop ASU from dancing
This season the ASU women's basketball team probably had more bumps and bruises than it bargained for, especially before the calendar turned to 2008.

ASU discontent with performance despite ranking
The perception of ASU's baseball dominance is now unanimous, as all five major college baseball polls ranked the Sun Devils as its top team — a trend that won't expire until defeat. But Sun Devil coaches and players sound less convinced.

Opinions: Hook, line and sinker

Fish bait, jailbait … and now we have car-thief bait to add to the party.

As the never-ending problem of auto thefts continues to plague campus car owners, the Tempe Police and our dearly beloved Parking and Transit Services have come up with a way to fight back — planting "bait cars" in parking lots and structures across campus.

Opinions: Gun bans should be history

MENC: This is a great year for gun owners. No fewer than three major restrictions on gun ownership are being reconsidered: the ban on campuses, the ban on federal lands and the ban in D.C.

The usual arguments against individual gun ownership are as follows: The Second Amendment refers only to state-run militias, the government reserves the right to reasonably restrict gun ownership, and, that times have changed.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

10 theater students learn the ropes in Las Vegas

Photo courtesy of KRT

For some, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but for 10 ASU theater students, what happened in Vegas over spring break meant helping to run some of the industry's finest shows.

'Army of Two': fun for player pairs

When it comes to war, or any deadly conflict for that matter, I find myself thinking it would be much easier if two mercenaries were hired and dropped into the heat of battle to blow up the bad guys and save the day.

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