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ASU scientists, local power company looking to brighten Arizona's solar power situation

SOLD ON CELLS: Chemistry and biochemistry post-graduate student John Tolle, 36, left, and chemistry graduate student Jesse Tice, 24, both researchers working with professor John Kouvetakis on his solar power research, stand next to a deposition chamber where materials that will be incorporated into solar cells are synthesized inside the Goldwater Center for Science and Engineering.

As energy costs soar, scientists and power companies are working to make solar power a cheaper and more available option for Arizonans.

Former football player suspected in police assault

Tempe Police are investigating a former redshirt football player suspected of attacking a police officer last week.

Science fair draws record participation
University support for an annual Arizona science and engineering fair held in conjunction with the Polytechnic American Indian Programs office has hit an all-time high this year, according to AIP administration.

Police Beat: 24-year-old arrested Sunday for endangerment, burglary
A 47-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Saturday evening on the 600 block of South Mill Avenue on suspicion of possession of marijuana, narcotics and drug paraphernalia, police reported.

Choosing a uniform
At a college graduation, students wear a cap and gown. After that, they wear what they want. Some choose to put on a uniform.

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ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

It's not the main event, but it's still basketball

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS


It's the best the ASU men's basketball team can do from here on out.

Rivals collide as top two teams in the nation

ASU junior Brett Wallace said it will just be "another game," not indicative of "David versus Goliath" proportions.

Devil Dish
Politics entered the sports world in recent years thanks to a bunch of bloated baseball players.

Men continue to roll, women squander Bay Area matches
The ASU men's tennis team spent most of its break springing up the national rankings.

Sun Devils draw Temple for tournament's first round
Selection Monday was probably a lot less stressful for the ASU women's basketball team than Selection Sunday was for the ASU men's basketball team.

Opinions: New Atheism getting old

KING: Browsing through the ASU events calendar, I was excited to see that Richard Dawkins, the famed evolutionary biologist best known for his harsh criticism of religion, would be speaking at Gammage on the Thursday before spring break. I'd never read any of Dawkins' books, but had seen a handful of his lectures and interviews online and knew that though my opinions were not exactly in line with his, Dawkins was nevertheless an enormously influential and important academic.

Opinions: No LOL-ing matter

WRIGHT: Languages don't change very quickly. We retain most of the same vocabulary, the same syllables and pronunciations, the same syntax and the same grammar. Our Americanized version of English is not terribly different now than it was one hundred years ago. Subjects still come before verbs, we don't have new conjugations, and we still use 26 letters in our alphabet.

What has changed, however, is our colloquial language and slang. From generation to generation, even within a single age group, the language metamorphoses and carries us along for the ride. But sometimes there is a strong resistance to it, and I'm seeing it happen now.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

'The Color Purple' paints Gammage with talent

Courtesy of Gammage Auditorium

The Broadway production of "The Color Purple" will continue its 15-show run at Gammage Auditorium until Sunday.

Students drink up at Annual Great Arizona Beer Festival

Thousands of people descending upon Mill Avenue on March 8 and 9 to drink beer is not necessarily surprising, but once a year, it's a special occasion at the 20th Annual Great Arizona Beer Festival.

Bombers, berets and porkpies, oh my!
A snazzy hat on a man can bring spice to an otherwise dull outfit, throw personality in every direction and make even the worst of scumbags just look hip.

Today, you become a man
Men who have style are oh so sexy. A well-dressed man can be a weakness for many women think of fashion designer Tom Ford, and actors George Clooney and Jude Law.

Lindy Hopper hops to Tempe
Snapping to the beat in his head, a wide toothy grin lit up Lindy Hopper Frank Manning's face as he spoke about improvisation in jazz music.

RC Helicopters

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