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Temperatures March upward

TABLE FOR TWO: Students enjoy the warm weather as they study outside Hayden Library Tuesday afternoon.

With temperatures hovering in the 70s and shorts and T-shirts replacing jeans and hoodies for students, many are taking advantage of the warmth to study and lounge outside Tuesday.

USG doles out $20,000 to clubs

The Undergraduate Student Government appropriated more than $20,000 to student clubs and organizations Tuesday about one-third of the total funding that groups on campus requested.

Scholarships pushed for safety officials
Arizona Department of Public Safety employees seeking degrees at universities like ASU could get a financial boost if a Senate bill passes the state legislature.

Fake business opportunities plague Arizona consumers
As summer and graduation approach, students should beware of business opportunity hoaxes, which again topped the list of consumer complaints in Arizona in 2007.

Profs study the factors in forgiveness
Forgiveness is usually the harder part of the adage "Forgive and Forget," but two West Campus professors have done extensive research that may make forgiveness easier for some.

Soundslides: Five Years Later...

SPM "Best Of" Survey
Welcome to the State Press Magazine's "Best Of" survey! Please write in your favorite choices in the categories of lifestyle, food, music, campus and shopping. The results will be published in SPM on March 19.
SPM "Best Of" Survey

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Walk-off home run helps ASU escape Creighton in an extra inning affair

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

"We're number one!"

The ASU softball team (22-1) can assert that statement for the first time in program history, after receiving the No. 1 ranking in the Softball Collegiate Top 25 poll on Tuesday.

Pitsch, Chriswell capture conference titles

The ASU wrestling team went to Eugene, Ore., over the weekend with its blinders on.

Devil Dish
The NCAA basketball tournament is almost here and every year around this time, a multitude of stories come out in the media concerning how much productivity is lost in corporate America keep people keeping tabs on their office pools.

Tourney hopes still strong for turnaround progam
It's March, but it's not mad just yet.

ASU's men swimmers head to SoCal for Pac-10 Championships
The ASU men's swim team will have a tough act to follow today when it competes in the Pac-10 Championships in Long Beach, Calif.

Sun Devils triumph over visiting Lobos
The burliest of ASU's 29-man active roster did the unthinkable.

Opinions: Can I please see your ID?

PELTON: So my authoritarian editor sent out an email the other day chastising us columnists about how we need to stop writing all about personal stories. Too bad.

I am willing to risk my unpaid job because I think an issue that I deal with every day needs to be addressed.

You see, I live at the Gateway Apartments.

You know, the place that is on the news more than Barack Obama and sees more police visits than the streets of New York after another Yankee playoff exit.

Opinions: Thumbs up to learning a valuable lesson

CEO: Bizarre things tend to happen to my family. Sometimes its little things, like being stopped at a red light and suddenly water just starts pouring on my car (mine and no one else's), or sometimes it's things like walking into my class and there are fliers posted everywhere that say "Worried About Ray?" and give a phone number to call just in case you are (after calling it, I realized no one is really worried about me, but are just trying to get you to go to some Web site).

But then, there are those occasions when you know you are very much alone in an experience, like watching an Amish man wear a baseball cap and smoke a cigarette in San Diego. Or better yet, the occasion when a freak accident caused my father to unintentionally cut off one of his friend's thumbs.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

ASU and the global good


"I've noticed a change in my students over the last ten years. Now, when I ask my freshman students what they want to do, they say they want to help the world," engineering professor Mark Henderson says. "I am encouraged by their altruism."

From the editor: Little red corvette

There are many mysteries in life.

My vertical challenge
My entire life, I have been smaller than the average human being. As a child, my mother would always try and make me feel lucky to be vertically challenged by saying, "Good things come in small packages." She was obviously wrong, though, because Barbie's huge, beautiful dream house and sporty, drivable Jeep came in HUGE packages and those were the only "good things" on my list.

Review: Primer
Describing a movie as "indie" these days is usually more of a reflection on its quirkiness instead of its financing. It's easy to forget that indie flicks shouldn't just be about an ultra-cool soundtrack and characters dressed in thrift-store chic. They should aim to try new things.

RC Helicopters

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