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Different body shapes celebrated on Hayden Lawn

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
PRIDE EMBODIED: ASU students check out billboards posted out on Hayden Lawn for the Body Pride Fair Wednesday afternoon on Hayden Lawn.

Body image acceptance ruled Hayden Lawn Wednesday afternoon for ASU Health and Wellness' Body Pride Fair.

Groups clash over 'Vagina Monologues'

"The Vagina Monologues," commonly viewed as a feminist play, is actually toxically anti-male, according to feminist speaker Christina Hoff Sommers.

Exploding beaker injures student
Tempe firefighters evacuated the basement of the Barry M. Goldwater Center for Science and Engineering Wednesday afternoon after an exploding beaker injured a female student and caused concerns about a possible contamination with toxic materials, ASU Police Cmdr. Jim Hardina said.

Proposal for aging city library asks for $8 million
Christine Woods, a Spanish sophomore, remembers going to story hour at the Tempe Public Library when she was growing up.

Puffing promoted in new student cigar group
The smoke of a thick, Dominican Arturo Fuente slowly fills the air as a circle of cigar lovers chat about the tobacco's unique bouquet.

Soundslides: A Generation Abandoned

SPM "Best Of" Survey
Welcome to the State Press Magazine's "Best Of" survey! Please write in your favorite choices in the categories of lifestyle, food, music, campus and shopping. The results will be published in SPM on March 19.
SPM "Best Of" Survey

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Sun Devils out to prove narrow wins not a fluke


The ASU women's basketball team concludes its regular season in Los Angeles this week when it faces UCLA tonight and USC on Saturday.

Surrounded by controversy, ASU prepares for weekend tourney

Amid the news that ASU's baseball program is under the scrutiny of a university investigation, the No. 1 Sun Devils may find refuge by returning to the field.

Fun-loving Pariseau opens up as the curtain comes down
Check out the interview with women's basketball player Reagan Pariseau.

With Mom in the stands, Harden is home at ASU, on the court
James Harden is a man of two "everythings."

Wild ride near the end for Noe
Aug. 26, 2002.

ASU loses UA tournament for first time in three years
The ASU women's golf team, ranked No. 3 nationally by Golfweek, was in first place after one round. With three players in the top 10, the Sun Devils were on their way to three-peating at the Wildcat Invitational in Tucson as they were leading early in the second round as well.

Opinions: King of clubs

In general, clubs are good for society. The sandwich version is undeniably delicious, the caveman-style sticks for whacking people over the head are first-rate (just ask Bam Bam from "The Flintstones"), and the golf ones have their value as well.

Oh, and as for the on-campus organization version well, those are OK too, we suppose, if only there were literally a few hundred less of them. As today's paper shows, there's yet another, the Cigar Aficionados Club (alternatively known to 1990s political enthusiasts as the Bill Clinton Fan Club), starting up.

Opinions: When the party dies down

SPIVACK: My name is Joshua Spivack, and I like to party. But my idea of "partying" and my strong sincere desire to waste the night away has evolved and changed.

I was once a freshman here, and I consider myself lucky to have made it through with only one broken hand and one arrest. I still wonder how it's possible I made it through the dorms, and I still miss those days as if I know they were my best.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Nikes never die


Some wear hats that perfectly complement a shirt. Others can rock the neckerchief with aviators and diamond earrings. Some are brave enough to try the Gucci handbag. But for many, a fresh pair of Nikes is the only way.

Welcome to my death star

It doesn't take a movie fanatic to appreciate the awesomeness that is the custom home theater system.

Anything but iPod
"It's like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell."

Back in the day
Portable CD players, VHS tapes and note passing what is this, 1999? For those ahead of the curve on technology, these items have long been dead, but for some ASU students, the oldies are still the goodies.

'Warriors' is life soundtrack
Nothing brightens up a day more than an easily accessible hard-rock band, especially a band with a wicked name.

RC Helicopters

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