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Speaking without words

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
SIGN UP: American Sign Language professor Donna Leff signs to recruit students in front of the Memorial Union Tuesday.

Move over Spanish, German and Italian language classes American Sign Language is moving in.

House amends textbook bill

Arizona's House Committee on Higher Education on Tuesday approved an amendment softening a bill that requires publishers to disclose information about textbook prices, editions and copyrights.

Give them liberty
With the Young Democrats and College Republicans getting their share of attention on campus, two ASU students are starting a club to promote Libertarian ideals among students.

West students to help teenagers navigate job market
Teenagers in Glendale will soon be turning their backpacks into briefcases with the help of ASU West campus students.

Police Beat: 17-year-old assaulted by Tempe man
A 37-year-old Tempe man was arrested Monday afternoon on the 5000 block of Stanley Place on suspicion of assault and possession of drug paraphernalia and a deadly weapon, police reported.

SPM "Best Of" Survey
Welcome to the State Press Magazine's "Best Of" survey! Please write in your favorite choices in the categories of lifestyle, food, music, campus and shopping. The results will be published in SPM on March 19.
SPM "Best Of" Survey

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Sun Devils' promising season starts with many questions

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

ASU baseball's manager Pat Murphy wants you to think his reigning Pac-10 champs don't merit its No. 1 ranking.

Scoring streaks routine for ASU's opponents

Maybe Herb Sendek has been spending a little too much time with Dennis Erickson.

Devil Dish
I'm losing faith in the term "underdog."

Sun Devils' promising season starts with many questions
ASU baseball's manager Pat Murphy wants you to think his reigning Pac-10 champs don't merit its No. 1 ranking.

Schedule, eligibility issues change ASU's pitching plans
The college baseball season keeps getting pushed back.

Opinions: Restoring order to the voting system

PHILLIPS: Although collecting petition signatures is necessary for the Green Party to get on the ballot, changing the way individuals vote can make Greens, and all third party candidates like Libertarians, actually viable in upcoming elections.

Currently, many individuals will forego voting for their favorite candidate in order to vote for another to ensure that candidate's victory. I'm talking about Nader supporters voting for Gore, just so he had a better chance of beating Bush in 2000.

Opinions: This is Not a Drill

PELTON: I was sitting in a nice swivel chair at my internship last week. Not a whole lot was going on, so I was repeatedly clicking a pen just to amuse myself.

Eventually, I logged on to, just to see what was going on. That is a news web site, for those of you who might not stray from sports and porn. Then I saw it: School shooting in Dekalb, Il.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Seven days without the 7 Deadly Sins


I'll admit, I've committed every one of the "seven deadly sins." Of course, not to the extreme that is depicted in films like "Seven," but after hearing about Lent for weeks, I decided to try to avoid these sins for seven days and keep track of my progress.

Hip-Hop and Barack Obama

Hip-hop has officially embraced Barack Obama, or "B-Rock" as "Vibe" magazine likes to call him.

Not your average john
For those who actually drink eight cups of water in one day, there must be frequent bathroom trips unless they are blessed with steel-trap bladders.

When faking it is a good thing
When accessorizing, sometimes the best item to complete a look is right in front of your face. Or rather, it should be.

Pita Jungle
The sign on the door of Pita Jungle reads "Breakfast Lunch Dinner." I'd enjoyed the lunch and dinner offerings at the trendy caf for years, but only recently stumbled upon their amazing breakfast. Much like the rest of Pita Jungle's cuisine, it's no disappointment. Pita Jungle's breakfasts are delicious and the hearty portions won't leave you feeling heavy as you start your day.

RC Helicopters

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