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Campus Health: abstinence, condom use to prevent sexual problems
Valentine's Day makes some people tingly all over, but others may feel more uncomfortable than anything else.

Hassayampa fully re-opened after flood
Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
HOME AGAIN: Undeclared freshman Rekia Richmond stands outside her room in Hassayampa residence hall, where a flood forced her and other residents of the G building out for more than a week. After being evacuated from his Hassayampa dorm room two weeks ago, Ryan Minarik was welcomed back Saturday with the theft of about $850 worth of personal items.

Scientists drill for oil in a test tube
SEEING GREEN: Professor Vim Vermaas holds up a container of cyano bacteria, which are used in the process of creating the biofuel that Vermaas and his lab have developed, Friday afternoon in Vermaas’ lab on Tempe campus. Killing bacteria is the idea behind many household products, but a team of ASU scientists is instead growing bacteria that could fuel cars.

Police Beat: Meth Edition
A 23-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Tuesday night on Seventh Street and McDowell Road on suspicion of possession of methamphetamines for sale and misconduct involving a handgun, police reported.

Hayden Lawn draws more than 100 employers
ALL BUSINESS: White tents shade a sea of employers and prospective employees at Career Day Wednesday on Hayden Lawn. More than 500 students looking for jobs or internships flooded Hayden Lawn Tuesday at ASU's Spring Career and Internship Fair.

Graduating students find harsher job market
Students looking for jobs when they graduate will have a rough time because of the weakened economy, and experts predict there is no relief in sight.

Seeking a Green candidate
In the wake of last Tuesday's primaries within the blue Democratic and red Republican parties, one student group is trying to add some more color to November's ballot.

Lawmaker pushes end to highway speed cameras
Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
I GOT MY EYE ON YOU: A photo radar machine keeps an eye out for speeders at Rural Road and Sixth Street. Arizona voters may be able to vote in November on whether photo radar should be used on state and federal roads.

ASU grads find home options lacking
When Indira Mundi graduated from ASU in 2006, she planned to buy a home in Tempe.

Volunteers prepare taxes for students
For second-year computer science graduate student Newdo Alex, spring brings the headache of filling out tax forms.

Nursing school tackles youth treatment issues
Two new ASU programs aim to end the health care provider shortage that is leaving almost 4 million Arizona children without psychiatric care.

Breaking News: Schwada building evacuated following bomb threat
Shannon Koehle, for The State Press
Students stand outside the Schwada Classroom Office building following a bomb threat around 1 p.m. that shut down the building. 3:50 p.m. -- The Schwada Classroom Office Building was evacuated at approximately 1 p.m. Thursday after ASU Police received a call that there was a bomb in the building.

Tempe Election: Mayoral and city council candidates
Early voting begins Thursday in Tempe's city elections. Over the next four days, The State Press gives you a closer look at the mayor and city council candidates.
• Rhett Wilson
• Corey Woods
• Hugh Hallman
• Derek Lull
• Julie Jakubek
• Joel Navarro
• Darryl Jacobson-Barnes
• Mark Mitchell

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