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Breaking News: Schwada building evacuated following bomb threat

Shannon Koehle, for The State Press
Students stand outside the Schwada Classroom Office building following a bomb threat around 1 p.m. that shut down the building.

3:50 p.m. -- The Schwada Classroom Office Building was evacuated at approximately 1 p.m. Thursday after ASU Police received a call that there was a bomb in the building.

Campus Health: abstinence, condom use to prevent sexual problems

Valentine's Day makes some people tingly all over, but others may feel more uncomfortable than anything else.

Hassayampa fully re-opened after flood
After being evacuated from his Hassayampa dorm room two weeks ago, Ryan Minarik was welcomed back Saturday with the theft of about $850 worth of personal items.

Police Beat: Meth Edition
A 23-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Tuesday night on Seventh Street and McDowell Road on suspicion of possession of methamphetamines for sale and misconduct involving a handgun, police reported.

Hayden Lawn draws more than 100 employers
More than 500 students looking for jobs or internships flooded Hayden Lawn Tuesday at ASU's Spring Career and Internship Fair.

SPM "Best Of" Survey
Welcome to the State Press Magazine's "Best Of" survey! Please write in your favorite choices in the categories of lifestyle, food, music, campus and shopping. The results will be published in SPM on March 19.
SPM "Best Of" Survey

Photo slideshows
ASU Women's Basketball vs. Oregon
Barack Obama in Phoenix
Photos of the week: 1/27/08-2/02/08
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade

Sun Devils look to stand tall against Stanford

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS

Don't tell anyone, but the Stanford men's basketball team is quietly creeping up the Pac-10 ladder to catch conference favorite UCLA.

Sun Devils get another crack at Pac-10 leader Cal

The ASU women's basketball team begins a crucial two-game road trip Thursday when it faces No. 9 California in Berkeley, Calif.

Devil Dish
Renardo Sydney.

Sun Devils get another crack at Pac-10 leader Cal
The ASU women's basketball team begins a crucial two-game road trip Thursday when it faces No. 9 California in Berkeley, Calif.

ASU starts long home slate with a schedule overload
"Home is where the heart is." The ASU softball team certainly hopes the saying holds true as it gets set to begin a 28-game home stand Thursday at Farrington Stadium.

Opinions: Flat Mike the Vampire needs your help

SACKETT: My name is Flat Michael. I am going to Arizona. My name is Michael but you can call me Mike. I like it here but I've got to move. I was in the army and I was a marine and a vampire. But I don't bite. I am a good guy like everyone else I guess. Please show me sites in Arizona. Don't forget to send me back to Wisconsin.

Opinions: Why I'm supporting an Anonymous crusade

DEVOE: While grabbing The State Press first thing in the morning as part of my usual routine on Fridays, last week something was different: I noticed the concrete columns around campus were covered with flyers announcing the evils of Scientology, something about "Anonymous" and Feb. 10.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Heartbreak Holiday


Roses are red, violets are blue, it's a day before Valentine's Day and that boyfriend or girlfriend of yours just might break up with you.

Jazz players at ASU event dish on future of live music

Thirteen ASU music students gawked as professional jazz clarinetist Eric Schneider transformed the mellow tones of a night-black clarinet into a frenzy of breathy notes.

CD-Hunting in the Key of '$'
Digging for musical treasure yields better results than buying off the front rack.

Review: Better than the mix-tape your boyfriend made
While most music Web sites offer pretentious musical insight, there is still one that offers reviews, features and more, without the over dignified attitude like tends to offer. That site is

Music to my...what?
Since the advent of iPods and the daily deluge of music pouring from music blogs, the general population has become a little more than accustomed to getting their music fix.

RC Helicopters

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