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Artists paint new picture of graffiti
John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
TAG, YOU’RE IT: Justin Smith works on his grafitti art piece in front of the Memorial Union Tuesday morning. Plywood boards transformed into works of art outside the Memorial Union Tuesday, as four graffiti artists, armed with cans of spray paint, gave a fresh perspective on what many see as vandalism.

Constitution sometimes conflicting, justice says
The Constitution wasn't designed to provide clear-cut answers to controversial issues such as campaign-finance legislation and affirmative action, a U.S. Supreme Court justice told a crowd of about 600 at ASU's College of Law on Tuesday.

ASU sophomore crashes motorcycle on bridge
TOTALED: ASU student Zachary Thornley’s bike is seen here, pinned in between the car it struck and the guard rail at the Rural Road bridge in Tempe Tuesday afternoon.  A trip home between classes turned into a trip to the hospital for one ASU student Tuesday.

Police beat: Student arrested after telling another student to "shut the f--- up"
A 23-year-old male ASU student was arrested at the Adelphi Commons Sunday afternoon on suspicion of disorderly conduct with use of abusive language to provoke physical retaliation, police reported.

Group pushes Arizona amendment to ban affirmative action
One Valley group is trying to ensure that ASU and other Arizona universities will no longer be able to use race, sex or national origin as a determining factor when considering employment or admissions.

State lawmakers propose guest-worker program
A bipartisan group of state lawmakers hopes to establish a temporary worker program to allow undocumented workers to legally live and work in the state of Arizona.

Researchers discover early start in drop-out decision
A team of students at ASU's West campus has found an early beginning to what the students call the "dropout crisis" in Arizona.

ASU worker beat dog, threatened woman, Tempe Police say
ASU research associate Cedric Hurth, 31, was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, police reported.

Tempe Election: Mayoral and city council candidates
Early voting begins Thursday in Tempe's city elections. Over the next four days, The State Press gives you a closer look at the mayor and city council candidates.
Rhett Wilson
Corey Woods
Hugh Hallman
Derek Lull
Julie Jakubek
Joel Navarro
Darryl Jacobson-Barnes
Mark Mitchell

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