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Academic crisis?

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
MONEY, MONEY: Regent Fred DuVal speaks to the ASU Foundation Board of Trustees about the Coalition for Higher Education Monday.

A quiet crisis is threatening America's economic competitiveness, according to the Arizona Board of Regents.

Ex-Black Panther draws parallels to current politics

One of the Black Panthers' founding members gave insight to the party's inner workings, which he said closely reflect the platforms of current Democratic presidential candidates.

Tempe Election: Mayoral and city council candidates
Early voting begins Thursday in Tempe's city elections. Over the next four days, The State Press gives you a closer look at the mayor and city council candidates.
Rhett Wilson
Corey Woods
Hugh Hallman
Derek Lull
Julie Jakubek
Joel Navarro
Darryl Jacobson-Barnes
Mark Mitchell

Pitsch scores lone ASU victories

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

Although the ASU wrestling team got handled in its two home meets over the weekend, the team is not down or dejected.

Sun Devils triumphant in Idaho

ASU track and field coach Greg Kraft has said from the beginning of the season that it's difficult to reproduce the success a program generated one year and carry it over to the next.

Devil Dish
Years ago, we laughed when Happy Gilmore proudly spoke about his infamous pair of hockey records most time spent in the penalty box and the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.

Pitching gems highlight ASU's weekend in Vegas
The ASU softball team almost had a perfect weekend.

Opinions: Superdelegate idea is far from super

CLEVERLY: Have you ever heard an awful joke that isn't funny, but after a chance encounter with someone, it actually becomes hilarious?

That might be my dry sense of humor coming out when I hear the pathetic excuse that numerous individuals give regarding the idea that "my vote doesn't really count." Yet for the first time in my life, those pessimistic individuals might actually be on to something.

Opinions: Making history by standing united

MASCHOFF: Flipping, or rather scrolling, through a recent article on caused me a slight moment of panic. Until now, I have been very happy to see that the presidential race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has been so close and that each candidate's support systems are growing stronger each day. I am even glad to see John McCain show himself as a formidable opponent to whichever candidate earns the Democratic nomination.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Love is in the air and on your TV

Photo courtesy of MCT

People sometimes ask me if I have all-time top-10 lists of action films, scary movies, comedies and yes, even romantic pictures.

Up in smoke

Many people enjoy the finer things in life. Some enjoy lavish meals while others collect expensive cars. For the smoker, there is no better way to enjoy fine tobacco than pipe smoking.

The 1337 1if3
In high school, nerds were banished to the dark land of A&V Club, with "Magic: The Gathering" cards spilling out of their pockets, rarely seen or heard from. But things have changed. Techy and trekkie love has now met its soul mate in the form of hip-hop, and its love child is named nerdcore.

Diary of our rock 'n' roll hero: Part 3
We're home at last. The French Quarter West Coast tour 2008 has ended, and while our adventures were many, I still relish in the comfort of my own mattress and clean laundry.

RC Helicopters

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