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Long journey to justice

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
PRIVATE EYE: Detective Tom Magazzeni of the Tempe Police Department solved the 1978 cold-case murder of ASU student Deana Bowdoin. On Jan. 24, a jury found Clarence Wayne Dixon guilty of Bowdoin’s rape and murder and sentenced him to the death penalty after about five years of litigation.

When Tom Magazzeni was an ASU student in the 1980s, he learned about a fellow student who was raped and murdered.

Tempe Election: Mayoral and city council candidates

Early voting begins Thursday in Tempe's city elections. Over the next four days, The State Press gives you a closer look at the mayor and city council candidates.
• Rhett Wilson
• Corey Woods
• Hugh Hallman
• Derek Lull
• Julie Jakubek
• Joel Navarro
• Darryl Jacobson-Barnes
• Mark Mitchell

Fraternity Council kicks out Phi Sigma Kappa
In an unprecedented move, the presidents of the University's traditional fraternities showed Phi Sigma Kappa the door Monday, stripping the group of its colony status.

Reading your voicemails
Students wanting to check voicemails in class now have a new way to access their messages.

New downtown V.P. wants stronger ASU, Phoenix ties
The city of Phoenix and its booming ASU campus will soon be building stronger connections with each other under the vision of a new University leader.

Bayless back for Cats, no Olson to greet ASU in Tucson

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

The last time ASU and Arizona met on the basketball court, Sun Devil fans were proclaiming the end of an era. The end of UA dominance.

Lofty expectations for ASU as season begins

All of the pieces are in place for a run at the national title.

Sun Devils hyped for weak Wildcats
The ASU women's basketball team will be going for its fifth win in a row Friday night when it hosts rival Arizona at Wells Fargo Arena.

Son of a star finding a way of his own at ASU
ASU guard Jamelle McMillan sits down with The State Press to talk about his initial visits with ASU, Arizona women and his NBA head coach father.

ASU inks new recruiting class
In his first full year on the recruiting trail, ASU football coach Dennis Erickson has brought in one of the best recruiting classes the Sun Devils have had in years.

Opinions: "Pumkin" tastes best in "Febuary"

MAPES: Welcome to February, the most exceptional month of the year. As Black History Month, it is socially and historically significant, but it is also one big bundle of anomalies.

It's name, "February," is the only word in the English language with a silent "r," and is thus the bane of every first-grader's existence, nicking points off their spelling tests and dragging down their English grades from an "O" for Outstanding to an "S" for Satisfactory.

Opinions: Bare flesh or flesh wounds?

DEVOE: Typical racy Abercrombie & Fitch photo displays caused a stir in Virginia Beach last week, earning the manager obscenity charges after shoppers complained.

After reading the articles, I expected to see a guy's butt hanging out and a barely covered nipple, but once I found the pictures, they looked pretty tame. I think I've seen more bits of butts and breasts on display on a single stroll down Palm Walk. "Nip/Tuck" commercials have more "nudity" in them than that.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

The 1337 1if3

In high school, nerds were banished to the dark land of A&V Club, with "Magic: The Gathering" cards spilling out of their pockets, rarely seen or heard from. But things have changed. Techy and trekkie love has now met its soul mate in the form of hip-hop, and its love child is named nerdcore.

Diary of our rock 'n' roll hero: Part 3

We're home at last. The French Quarter West Coast tour 2008 has ended, and while our adventures were many, I still relish in the comfort of my own mattress and clean laundry.

From the editor: Baby Benotto
There are five bikes in my living room.

My two roommates each have one. I have two. And one of my boyfriend's three bikes is hanging out there too.

A journey of hope
This summer I will be undertaking the daunting, yet exciting, task of cycling over 4,000 miles from San Francisco, Calif. to Washington, D.C. on the Journey of Hope on behalf of people living with disabilities. Along the way, I will meet with many individuals and groups in order to bring a greater awareness to our peers and community about what it means to have a disability. We hope to abate social stigmas attached to those disabilities.

Review: Don't be dumb
When it comes to investing in an atlas, the competition is stiff. Many books compete to offer up-to-date statistics and overwhelm readers with text, graphs, charts and maps.

RC Helicopters

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