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McCain, Clinton triumph

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
McCAIN MAYHEM: Supporters of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., cheer at his arrival at his campaign party at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix Tuesday night. McCain won the state by double-digit percentages.

Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., came out on top in Arizona in the Republican and Democratic presidential preference elections on Tuesday.

Plant used for cigarettes may yield West Nile virus treatment

Tobacco plants may have a reputation for causing cancer, but a team of researchers at ASU's Polytechnic campus and Tempe's Biodesign Institute are putting them to use to develop a treatment for the West Nile virus.

McCain: 'front-runner' receives arousing homecoming
A couple swing-danced on stage to Chuck Berry's lyrics, "Go Johnny, go" as Sen. John McCain shook hands with supporters after declaring himself the front-runner of the Republican presidential primary Tuesday night.

Obama: defeated but not out
Hundreds of supporters in suits, T-shirts and jeans, skirts and even an African dashiki collectively cheered and booed at a big screen showing up-to-the minute poll results and, ultimately, Barack Obama's primary loss in Arizona.

Romney: hope gives way to gloom
As Mitt Romney's Arizona volunteers watched election results Tuesday night, spirits were high until the victory predicted by some early exit polls failed to materialize.

Clinton: crowd cheers on win
While Hillary Clinton supporters were sipping mai tais called "Clinton Coolers" at the senator's victory party Tuesday night, the same drink was served two floors higher only there it was called an "Obama Breezer."

Sendek channels his inner Dr. Phil

Photo Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

For many young players on the ASU men's basketball team, this season is the most losing they have experienced in years.

ASU takes it easy before tough stretch

Coming off a pair of wins against the Oregon schools, the ASU women's basketball team has a little breathing room as it prepares for its rival game against Arizona on Friday night.

Devil Dish
Now that the dust from the Super Bowl has settled, it's time for the annual February letdown. The year's second month is one of the worst for watching televised professional sports.

Sun Devils hit the links in Hawaii
The ASU men's golf team swings into action today at the University of Hawaii-Hilo Big Island Invitational.

ASU takes it easy before tough stretch
Coming off a pair of wins against the Oregon schools, the ASU women's basketball team has a little breathing room as it prepares for its rival game against Arizona on Friday night.

Opinions: Blowing Smoke

Hill's givin' you the chills? Obama's causin' you some trauma? McCain's givin' you pains? Romney and Huckabee well, they still exist?

Chances are, if you're not a political junkie, you're sick to your stomach from all the primary talk.

Opinions: Re-heat the Duel in the Desert

PELTON: "Wait until basketball season."

That is the almost-automatic response I get from agitated Wildcat fans after the usual ASU victory in the Territorial Cup football game.

I have to admit that I crack a smile when ASU beats UA in well, anything.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

Saving Face


Skin cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed in the United States, with more than 1 million cases reported annually, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation Web site, The Web site also says one in five Americans will be diagnosed at some point in his or her lifetime.

Up in smoke

Many people enjoy the finer things in life. Some enjoy lavish meals while others collect expensive cars. For the smoker, there is no better way to enjoy fine tobacco than pipe smoking.

The 1337 1if3
In high school, nerds were banished to the dark land of A&V Club, with "Magic: The Gathering" cards spilling out of their pockets, rarely seen or heard from. But things have changed. Techy and trekkie love has now met its soul mate in the form of hip-hop, and its love child is named nerdcore.

Tofu is so punk, it's Post Punk
For many vegetarians and vegans just starting out on the path to no-meat-eatingness, salads, pasta and PB&J sandwiches are diet staples. However, they also get old quickly. So, the Post Punk Kitchen Web site,, steps in to save the newly vegan soul from a wonderfully guilty McDonalds bingefest.

RC Helicopters

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