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Who's it going to be?

After votes have been cast in Arizona and 23 other states Feb. 5, America will be one step closer to knowing who will be the main candidates vying for our nation's presidency.

ASU to house hundreds from Teach for America

Disadvantaged Phoenix public-school students will benefit this summer from a new ASU partnership with Teach for America.

HIV test in half-hour
Walk in, get a mouth swab, wait 30 minutes, know your HIV status.

Police Beat
An 18-year-old California woman was arrested on the 1900 block of East Rio Salado Parkway on suspicion of theft and credit card theft, police reported.

Opinions: Ron Paul: a patriot or a nightmare?

KING: I don't just think that the Ron Paul movement is silly. I find it troubling. The fact that a far-right movement can exist on a college campus, complete with demonstrations and graffiti, is what worries me.

Opinions: Hypocrite, Republican same thing

SACKETT: First off, I'm no political strategist or economist, just a person who is capable of independent thought no matter the rhetoric feed daily. As I see it, there are things that do not seem to add up on the Republican side of the aisle.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Beck's 'Odelay!' re-issue does justice to artist's classic album, despite flaws

"Deluxe Edition."

Those are two words that repulse many a card-carrying music guru.

Bargain hunting at its best

College life doesn't leave any money to spare. But that's OK. Take the $25 dollars stashed in a random jacket pocket and head to the Phoenix Park 'N Swap.

If it looks like a beard and smells like a beard, it's probably a beard
For some, it's about the look. For others, it's simply about laziness. And for a select few, it's all about looking as gross as humanly possible. One thing is certain, however: beards are back.

Hot Spot: Sake Bomber
There are a few things that Tempe can't seem to get enough of hookah bars, Indian restaurants and sushi. The last one, especially, can be tricky.

Matt's Big Breakfast
Students whose classes have recently been moved to the downtown campus will be happy to hear their breakfast needs will still be thoroughly met. Just moments from campus sits a small house that is home to Matt's Big Breakfast. Like a mom-and-pop caf with a trendy update, Matt's Big Breakfast serves basic breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices.

RC Helicopters

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