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Rising cost of paying for texts

Photo illustration by Spencer Holladay, Jake Schroeder and Bettina Hansen

Arizona legislators are debating this session ways to give professors and students more control over the price of textbooks.

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Bill Clinton visits ASU Thursday

Former President Bill Clinton will be on the ASU Tempe campus Thursday to campaign for his wife, presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Experts debate employer-sanctions law
Lawyers and state government workers clashed Tuesday in a debate over the state's newest, controversial law: the Legal Arizona Workers Act.

SkySong now open for business
ASU's Scottsdale Innovation Center, also known as SkySong, is settling into its position as a provider of global opportunities to students.

Like Mario and Luigi, with business degrees
Students will soon be trading textbooks for video games in many global management classrooms on ASU's West campus.

Soundslides: Darnell: #1 Fan
Darnell Calhoun, a third-year broadcast student, has attended every home Sun Devils' basketball game this season, men's and women's. He also attends most baseball and softball games in the spring. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of ASU's most enthusiastic fans.

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College stars make one last stop

Nhat V. Meyer / San Jose Mercury News/MCT

The NFL Draft often turns the college football star into the middle-round draft choice, forgotten in the fold of higher-ceiling prospects.

Holiday Bowl just a start for Texan turned pro

The last time the ASU football team saw Texas running back Jamaal Charles he was torching them in the Holiday Bowl.

Devil Dish
Oh, the many facets of Jason Kidd.

Holiday Bowl just a start for Texan turned pro
The last time the ASU football team saw Texas running back Jamaal Charles he was torching them in the Holiday Bowl.

ASU exits polls, prepares for tough SoCal road trip
The ASU men's basketball team had its two-week stay in the Associated Press's Top 25 Poll effectively stopped with Saturday's heart-breaking 56-55 loss to then-No. 6 Washington State.

Opinions: The more you know

NBC has got it goin' on.

They've got the peacock: unequivocally the most "pimp-tastic" bird in the entire avian world. They've got the answers to the most important question ever asked: Where in the world is Matt Lauer? They've got the Olympics: the one thing nobody can who outright hate. (At the very least, it's physically impossible to hate curling. It's foreigners with brooms on ice). They've got "The Office" or at least they did until the writers strike crushed our soul and they've got about two-dozen varieties of both "Law and Order" and "Dateline" running on a nightly basis. Enough said.

Opinions: Sun shouldn't be excuse for Sun Devil administration

CEO: Poor Stephanie Mahan. This freshman English major just wants to light a fire. And no, not like the one that burned down our beloved Memorial Union, and is still under investigation. Instead, she wants to light a fire in her near-freezing Ocotillo Hall dorm room.

The heater doesn't work, and hasn't in some time. She has learned to cope with these rigid temperatures, though, by layering her bed with three quilts and a heating pad.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Indie band Tokyo Police record to be released in April

Todd Dyum / Tokyo Police Club

After almost three years of blog hype and Internet speculation, indie band Tokyo Police Club finally announced the completion of its first full-length record to be released in April.

All in a day's work

Since my comic strip F Minus started in newspapers a couple years ago, I've had to adjust to working from home. No more co-workers, no more boss looking over my shoulder, no more pants.

Diary of our rock 'n' roll hero
Good tidings from the lush freeze of Olympia, Wash.! When I last reported, we were deep in the righteous squalor of a San Louis Obispo punk house. Now we're making soup in the state capital, and our evergreen friends here have yet to take down their Halloween decorations.

It's hip to be hairy
Only the most learned and revered men have sported beards: Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci and, of course, Johnny Depp. Though these icons have given beards a boost, facial hair has not always been seen in a positive light.

If it looks like a beard and smells like a beard, it's probably a beard
For some, it's about the look. For others, it's simply about laziness. And for a select few, it's all about looking as gross as humanly possible. One thing is certain, however: beards are back.

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