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Sentence: Death

John Battaglia / THE STATE PRESS
FINAL THOUGHTS: Clarence Dixon reflects while his assisting council speaks to Judge Andrew Klein moments before the jury sentenced him to death Thursday for the 1978 murder of ASU student Deana Bowdoin. After the sentencing, Dixon requested the method of death be changed from lethal injection to lethal gas.

For a crime that took nearly 25 years to solve and a criminal case that spanned five years, the jury of convicted murderer Clarence Wayne Dixon needed fewer than 15 minutes to reach its sentence: death.

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RHA: More options, hours for meal plan
Cost, flexibility and dining hours are among concerns students have about mandatory meal plans, but these campus residents will have to wait a little longer for these worries to be addressed.

New business, nursing buildings approved
Two key proposals were unanimously approved on Thursday that may result in the expansion of ASU facilities both in Tempe and Downtown Phoenix.

Dean: students need help choosing majors
Undeclared students will get more help with choosing a major if some of the plans of University College's new dean, Frederick Corey, are implemented.

Cloverfield Q&A
"Cloverfield", an effective disaster movie told from a first person documentary-style perspective, took in about $40 million in its opening weekend.

Rose Review: There Will Be Blood
I knew that Daniel Day-Lewis could take out Scarface (Al Pacino) after seeing his vehement character in Gangs of New York, but I was unsure that he could take on Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini).

Photo slideshows
ASU vs. Washington State
Protest against the Israeli blockade
Photos of the Week: 1/21/08-1/25/08
Sports: Hockey and Tennis
Men's Basketball: ASU vs. UofA

Huskies outmuscles ASU

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

At this point last week, the ASU men's basketball team was riding high after its 99-90 double-overtime victory over California.

Such is life in the Pac-10.

ASU swimmers in search of an upset

The men's and women's swim and dive teams will trek north to the Bay Area this weekend to compete in their final road meets of the year.

Devil Dish
What was a simple rush up the ice and a routine backhanded shot spiraled into an injury sidelining Pittsburgh Penguins' star Sidney Crosby for most of the remainder of the regular season.

ASU heads to Michigan for first action of the year
The arrival of winter in Arizona means the inevitable increase in population caused by "snowbirds" from the Midwest, migrating to the Valley from their hometowns to escape the frigid weather.

Opinions: Teeing up on a REAL golf course

WOOD: Let's suppose for a moment that I was a golf fanatic. The truth is that I'm not, and for me, that's a good thing. My conservation biology classmates might have my head if I supported big green lawns in the middle of the desert. Still, I have golfing friends, and their teeing off on lush Bermuda grass among sand dunes is totally normal.

Opinions: Why did you do it, Mr. President?

DHANANI: Most Americans probably wouldn't consider themselves knowledgeable about the War in Iraq. On any given day, ask an American citizen what we're doing there and they wouldn't have a clue.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
See what the editorial board selected for this week's Boos and Bravos.

ASU students invited to Phoenix Symphony preview

Photo Courtesy of Tim Trumble

The ASU community will have the rare opportunity to view a sample of the original, multifaceted production of The Phoenix Symphony Chorus, "Enemy Slayer: A Navajo Oratorio."

NFL Experience gives Super Bowl added kick

While most ASU students will never get the chance to play for the NFL, everyone can be a part of the NFL experience beginning this Saturday in Glendale.

'Untraceable' is technologically gory
The year is 2008 and computers are a part of everyday life, but very rarely do I stop to think about the truly amazing technology they provide each day.

From the Editor: A Roma!
Last summer, I spent seven weeks in Italy through the Italian department's Florence study abroad trip.

Where dreams come true
"The Year of a Million Dreams" — sounds enticing, doesn't it? I, along with 5,000 other college students, believed so. Then I went to the world's happiest place, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

RC Helicopters

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