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Light rail testing rolls into Tempe in March
Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
LIGHT ON THE LINE: Light rail cars sit on the Operations and Maintenance track at 48th Street and Washington Street in Phoenix.  Testing of the cars is done here, and will be expanded to Tempe in March despite inspectors recently finding 11 gaps in the line, in preparation for the rail’s opening on Dec. 27. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said the light rail opening will occur as scheduled. Get ready, Tempe: The light rail traffic jams are about to get worse.

With as much as 91 percent and 39 miles of the light rail completed to date, Valley Metro representatives said they plan to expand their testing area from Washington Street in Phoenix to Apache Boulevard in Tempe starting in March.

Spending the holiday in Nevada ­— for a cause
Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
OBAMA SUPPORTER: Sean Bowie, a political science and history senior, puts in about 40 hours a week volunteering with the Barack Obama campaign, making phone calls and organizing students in preparation for the Feb. 5 Democratic primary in Arizona. Many ASU students spent the three-day weekend shopping, partying or sleeping.
But Sean Bowie skipped classes starting Tuesday and took a road trip to campaign for Barack Obama in the Nevada caucuses.

Student held in connection with three car burglaries
Photo illustration by Deanna Dent/The State Press
HOT ITEMS: When art history senior Ploy Beck’s car was burglarized, she lost her purse and cell phone, among other items, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. These items  and others — MP3 players, cash, stereos, CDs and books — are commonly stolen when left visible in cars. An ASU student has been arrested in connection with three car burglaries and his accomplice is at large, ASU police reported.

Students buzzing about Apple's new laptop, rental service
MacWorld 2008 ended on Friday, but ASU students are still talking about the new technologies unveiled at the event.

Low-cost bus operator hits the road out of town
Californian ASU students looking for a way to get home have one fewer option now that the low-fare bus service Megabus has ceased operations in Phoenix and Tempe.

New Orbit bus route well-received
Despite some safety concerns from the community last spring, the new Orbit bus route in the College Avenue neighborhood has received a primarily positive initial response.

Police Beat
A 21-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Friday morning at the intersection of Interstate 10 and West Elliot Road on charges of aggravated assault and reckless discharge of a firearm.

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