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No rings needed?

Deanna Dent and Scott Seligman / THE STATE PRESS

President Michael Crow has thrown in his support for a proposal that would grant unmarried partners of state employees, including those at ASU, health and tuition benefits.

Stricter ID rules await Mexico spring break travelers

Students considering a trip to Rocky Point for spring break this year may have some extra preparation ahead of them.

Now doctoral program aims to tackle world problems
Finding a new fuel source or treatment for cancer may seem like an impossible task, but a new ASU program will help students tackle these large societal problems.

End of 'Days': a 35-year Mill Avenue staple
Tempe residents will soon wave goodbye to a store that reminded people of the days when a quart of milk was 10 cents and rotary phones were all the rage.

Sun Devils troubled after crushing loss to Cal

Kaitlin Ochenrider / THE STATE PRESS

For most of the first half Thursday night at Wells Fargo Arena, the ASU women's basketball team was being outscored by California junior foward Devanei Hampton.

Double OT no trouble for ASU

The freshmen members of the ASU men's basketball team are good. Really good.

Devil Dish
As I've mentioned before, there's no professional football team that I consider "my team," due to the sorry franchise that is the Arizona Cardinals.

Young gymnasts adjust for pressure to prepare for Cal
A talented squad brimming with youth has its drawbacks.

ASU seeks wins to spur national tournament berth
With 10 games remaining on the schedule, the ASU men's hockey team is trying to rally for a trip to the national tournament in March by starting a new streak: a winning streak.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos

BOO to downtown Tempe for letting Harkins Centerpoint and Those Were the Days! go. The only thing that gives us solace after losing two more charming Mill Avenue institutions is the knowledge that there will be more high-rise condo buildings going in shortly. And Lord knows that we need at least a couple hundred more of those.

BRAVO to the return of our beloved Memorial Union. You've seen the spiffy new sprinklers on the ceiling, you've visited your favorite spot to kill time between classes, you've gotten the Einstein's sandwich you so desperately missed, and you've blown an hour's pay at the Market. Now, get out. The long lines make us pine away for the days of the MU Express ... for about two minutes.

Opinions: It's good to be back

SPIVACK: Boy, is it good to be back. There's nothing quite like the beginning of the semester. Whether it is returning from a long, hot summer, or a shortened winter break, the fruits of the semester are always freshest in the beginning.

It's not to say that from here on out it only gets worse; that would be much too gloomy. But it is to say that things will, inevitably as they must, get harder. Our beginnings will become an afterthought, with homework, examinations and class work taking much of the plot.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Students can view green fashions at weekend show


It's relatively commonplace to have hybrid cars and environmentally-friendly light bulbs, but now going green is stretching to the fashion industry as well.

Documentary style of 'Cloverfield' a success

While "Cloverfield" is not an art film, it's an artfully-done, big-budget thrill-ride that enables the audience to "experience" New York City under attack, all through the eyes of a 20-something cameraman.

A Slice of New York
A slice of New York has found its way onto campus in the form of the fast-paced pizzeria Lorenzo's Pizza. The pizzeria, formerly located on University Drive, recently moved into the spot owned by Villa Pizza, north of the Fulton Center.

Wake me when the vacation's over
Sometimes the best part of a vacation isn't seeing sights, taking pictures or even spending time with friends it's the guarantee of blissful sleep. A bed and breakfast is the place to go when a long reunion with a pillow is crucial to the trip

From the Editor: ME?!
My mom is the best.

RC Helicopters

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