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Students speak out about tuition

Courtney Sargent / THE STATE PRESS
FREEZE TUITION: Psychology senior Matt Trujillo listens to speakers at the Arizona Board of Regents meeting at Old Main Thursday.

More than one hundred students packed into the Old Main Carson Ballroom to listen to their peers and counterparts from other state universities live via Web cast, who spoke largely in favor of their respective student government tuition proposals.

'America's toughest sheriff' says he's here to stay

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio proclaimed his popularity and invincibility as an elected official Thursday night in front of a crowd of approximately 30 College Republican members at the Agriculture building.

Police Beat
A 43-year-old Phoenix woman was arrested Tuesday night on charges of obtaining narcotic drugs by fraud, possession of prescription-only drugs, and possession of narcotic drugs, according to a police report.

Writers' strike could last weeks
ASU students are already missing fresh episodes of their favorite shows and they may have to wait longer if the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers can't come to a resolution of the current writers' strikes.

Multicultural society hosts event celebrating diversity
Once the sun went down Thursday night, ASU student performers brought out cultures from around the world at the Culture Remix Event.

College wrestling world descends upon Las Vegas

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU wrestling team will grapple among the nation's best today and Saturday when it makes a stop in Las Vegas for the annual Cliff Keen/Las Vegas Invitational.

Sun Devils will represent Pac-10 against Nebraska

The ASU men's basketball team's road to five straight wins will run through Lincoln, Neb., this weekend when it squares off against the Cornhuskers Sunday as part of the Big XII vs. Pac-10 Challenge.

Devil Dish
George Mitchell needs to cut the shit.

College wrestling world descends upon Las Vegas
The ASU wrestling team will grapple among the nation's best today and Saturday when it makes a stop in Las Vegas for the annual Cliff Keen/Las Vegas Invitational.

Familiar faces visit Sun Devils for tournament
The ASU women's basketball team, hosting the Verizon Wireless ASU Classic this weekend at Wells Fargo Arena, will take on Gonzaga tonight at 6 p.m.

Opinions: Who forgot to invite Hamas?

PATE: The Annapolis peace talks have begun hopefully. Participating are a laundry list of nations with few direct ties to the conflict: Brazil, China, and South Africa, for instance.

But if we're planning a Palestinian peace conference, who invites Poland but leaves out Hamas?

Opinions: The sky is falling

MAPES: Finals are closing in faster than Armageddon, which means it is time to strap on an espresso IV and work yourself into a caffeine-induced frenzy.

The storm has come, and Hayden library is sinking even further into the ground with the weight of frantically studying college students. Before long, it will sink all the way down to hell, which is pretty close to six straight hours of studying anyway.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Out: Beni's been better


Chandler recently saw the re-opening of one of its latest dining experiences, Benihana, with much hype about the trendy atmosphere and entertaining food exhibition.

Feature: 17 years with AIDS

Liz Miller was 28 and visiting her mother in Los Angeles when the phone rang.
It was Miller's doctor, calling to tell her mother the results of Miller's HIV test. The doctors figured hearing the results from a family member would be easier than learning from them, they said.

Voice: A culture I've befriended for life
The first week we were in Sevilla, our study abroad group took a tour of La Catedral de Sevilla the third largest cathedral in the world and the place Christopher Columbus is buried. The first step inside just takes your breath from you. Es maravilloso.

T&A Q&A: No damsel in distress
"Dr. Fun," as Mary-Lou Galician is called, tells you how to stop imagining a fairy-tale love life and to enjoy the real-world one you can have

Sound: You, me and iji
Undeclared sophomore Zach Burba, his girlfriend and a changing mix of friends create accessible, happy-go-lucky tunes

RC Helicopters

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