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No more warnings

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
VROOM-VROOM: Cars drive by the new photo radar cameras on Priest Drive and Fifth Street Wednesday.

Tempe police have issued 12,000 warnings for speeding in the last three weeks thanks to recently installed photo radar cameras.

Student performance could be tied to University funding

Student performance and graduation rates could determine the amount of funding state universities receive, if a new measure is approved.

Police Beat
A 41-year-old Tempe man was arrested Monday evening on the 1300 block of East Carson Drive on charges of child abuse and forgery/possession of a foreign document, according to the police report.

ASU football cracks top 10
Hard work on the football field and in the classroom has allowed ASU to claim a top 10 spot in one poll, after being snubbed out in others.

Everything else drops when 'Cats come to town


It's rivalry week in Tempe, so records, rankings and momentum won't matter when one of the nation's oldest rivalry games is renewed for the 81st time Saturday night.

Sun Devils slaughter Florida Gulf Coast

It's a charged word, but it was certainly apt in describing ASU's 91-59 thrashing of Florida Gulf Coast University Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

Duel in the desert to be an old-fashioned shoot-out
ASU's Rudy Carpenter has been banged up all year, but it hasn't stopped him from having a productive junior year. He's totaled 2,768 yards and 21 touchdowns despite the fact that the No. 13 Sun Devils (9-2, 6-2 Pac-10) have allowed the third most sacks in the NCAA.

Devil Dish
I'm just going to come right out and say it.

I hate the Arizona Wildcats.

It's not just their school or the phrase "Bear Down" or the atrocious city of Tucson that drive me nuts.

Tough schedule just what ASU wanted
The ASU women's basketball team may only sit a game above .500 right now, but coach Charli Turner Thorne said she does not regret the decision to schedule tough non-conference opponents.

Opinions: Communism didn't work

Today the Opinions page is dominated by a single topic. We know that this is a departure from the norm, but The State Press editorial board feels that it is of paramount importance to you, the students of ASU.

Ask yourself this very simple question. Do the Undergraduate Student Government and a handful of selected students know how to spend your money better than you do?

Opinions: A letter from USG

USG: We would like to write in response to the opinion editorial in yesterday's paper. We would like to clarify a few misconceptions and promote clarity among the student body.

First, we want to reiterate again that this is not a "USG" initiative; this is an initiative originally proposed by the administration.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Out: Beni's been better


Chandler recently saw the re-opening of one of its latest dining experiences, Benihana, with much hype about the trendy atmosphere and entertaining food exhibition.

Feature: 17 years with AIDS

Liz Miller was 28 and visiting her mother in Los Angeles when the phone rang.
It was Miller's doctor, calling to tell her mother the results of Miller's HIV test. The doctors figured hearing the results from a family member would be easier than learning from them, they said.

Voice: A culture I've befriended for life
The first week we were in Sevilla, our study abroad group took a tour of La Catedral de Sevilla the third largest cathedral in the world and the place Christopher Columbus is buried. The first step inside just takes your breath from you. Es maravilloso.

T&A Q&A: No damsel in distress
"Dr. Fun," as Mary-Lou Galician is called, tells you how to stop imagining a fairy-tale love life and to enjoy the real-world one you can have

Sound: You, me and iji
Undeclared sophomore Zach Burba, his girlfriend and a changing mix of friends create accessible, happy-go-lucky tunes

RC Helicopters

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