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Rose Bowl dreams wither away

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
OVERPOWERED: Sophomore receiver Chris McGaha is brought down by two USC defenders Thursday at Sun Devil Stadium. McGaha was ASUs top offensive threat, catching five passes for 85 yards.

The ASU football team is on the road to recovery after a 44-24 beat down by USC on Thursday night.

A bright start to the holiday season

The tree-lined sidewalks of Mill Avenue twinkled Saturday night, illuminating the street for the opening of the APS Fantasy of Lights parade.

Thanksgiving around the world
Thanksgiving dinners brought ASU students a taste of home in foreign countries.

ASU Art Museum director steps down
Marilyn Zeitlin, director of the ASU Art Museum, is stepping down this year.

New missions for some former missile sites around Tucson
It's fitting that children at Vista de la Montaa United Methodist Church swing, slide and climb on this spot, the Rev. Monte Baker says, pointing to a covered playground.

Off-campus fraternities gain increased representation
For the first time in at least 10 years, off-campus fraternities will have equal representation to those on Alpha Drive, according to the Interfraternity Council.

Sun Devils dominate Embry-Riddle

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

Some home cooking is exactly what the ASU wrestling team needed to cap off their Thanksgiving weekend.

The defense rests

If anything separated the University of Southern California from ASU in its 44-24 victory Thursday, it was defense.

Sun Devils split games in Cancun
The ASU women's basketball team triumphed in one of its two games at the Caribbean Challenge in Cancun, Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

ASU returns home for first game
After spending a few days in paradise, the ASU men's basketball team will open its home schedule tonight against Cal Poly at Wells Fargo Arena.

ASU drops final two matches
The Sun Devils' season came to an end this weekend at Wells Fargo Arena with their seniors fighting for one last playoff appearance.

Opinions: It's morphin' time!

Recent on-campus developments have combined with Alpha Drive's current state of dilapidation and possible future destruction to force a change in the organizational structure of fraternities at ASU.

As described in Matt Culbertson's story on page four ("Off-campus fraternities gain increased representation"), more and more new fraternity recruits are choosing off-campus fraternal organizations over their Alpha Drive and Adelphi brethren. In fact, for the first time ever, this year more new recruits chose to join off-campus houses than on-campus ones.

Opinions: Arms aren't for hugging, they're for war

BERKLEY: Oh, the indecency! The obscenity! The debauchery!

While this lead also sets up yet another column about Paris Hilton's face, Michael Vick's Saturday nights or an average moment in OJ Simpson's life, it is, in reality, a cry to battle:

Ladies and gentlemen, modesty is under attack. And worse, it's under attack by 13-year-old girls.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Voice: Strong and talented genius seeks bathing partner


I think you and I should take a bath together. I know what you're thinking: "This is just another guy with a perfect body who wants to get people to take pictures with him in the bathtub." Well, if I said that was entirely untrue, I'd be lying through the bristly hairs of my brand new Spaniard mustache and beard combo. There is a lot more to it though.

Out: True Blue sushi

Scottsdale eatery mixes original, inexpensive items with standout service for a great night out

Feature: Combined candidacy
One college-dominated group thinks a bipartisan presidential campaign could be just the ticket

Sound: Everybody's Business
ASU student channels Bowie and Eno to create universal, open-ended pop music

On the cover: Sexual revolution, redone
Has abstinence become newly rebellious? One non-religious ASU group thinks so, and it's trying to inspire students with a movement promoting chastity.

Sex: Burlesque does a body good
Stripper-aerobics and pole-dancing classes may be growing in popularity. But one fitness and dance class is reminding Tempe that it's actually the art of the tease that makes a woman sexy.

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