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University helps displaced workers find new jobs

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS
WAITING FOR THE MAN: Shawnnah Chaney, a journalism sophomore, stops in front of the Memorial Union to chat with Lindsey Gender, an undeclared freshman and information desk employee. Both worked as event assistants on the second floor of the MU prior to the fire-related building closure and have since found other jobs.

ASU has undergone efforts to relocate all of its employees who were displaced following the Memorial Union fire in the past few weeks, according to University officials.

Devils fall to USC on Thanksgiving night

The ASU football team left Sun Devil Stadium bloodied, battered and beaten Thursday night after their game against the USC Trojans.

ASU celebrates Thanksgiving
One ASU staff member is looking to make a new Thanksgiving tradition this year on campus.

Shopping gone wild
Ready. Set. Shop.

Nicknamed "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving has consistently ranked between the fourth and eighth busiest shopping days of the year, with the last Saturday before Christmas ranking first, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Rebuilding the MU dollar by dollar
With estimates for the Memorial Union fire repairs costing millions of dollars, concerned alumni prompted the ASU Foundation to create a fund dedicated to restoring the facility they remember as an ASU landmark.

Cancun no vacation for Sun Devils

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU women's basketball team will be spending its Thanksgiving holiday in sunny Cancun, Mexico.

Not just another big game

The No. 6 ASU football team has had big games this year but none as big as this.
Thursday's match against No. 11 USC is the only college football game being played on Thanksgiving Day, and to the winner goes the inside track for the Rose Bowl.

Freshmen Harden, Abbot lead ASU to first win
The ASU men's basketball team got victory No.1 Tuesday afternoon against Princeton (2-2) in the second round of the Maui Invitational in Maui, Hawaii.

ASU set to host first home meet
The ASU wrestling team will host its first home meet of the season Sunday as it plays host to Embry-Riddle in an interstate battle.

Versatile McGaha steadfast to the sticks
"I did a windmill. Then my point guard bounced it, and I caught it and turned around and just dunked it with one hand. Then on my third one, I cocked the ball between my legs with both hands and reversed it."

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

I read Amanda Homewood's column on 11/20 with interest. Ms. Homewood laments that some of her peers are registering for classes based on how easy a class/teacher are. As a potential solution, she suggests that during the registration the identity of the teachers should be suppressed.

Opinions: The difference between a leader and an icon

GIBBS: A substantial amount of enthusiasm has arisen for the upcoming 2008 presidential elections. Such uncertainty as to who the front-runners may be necessitates greater engagement during the primary stages of the election.

Harmless though they may seem, the reasons for which people become supporters of particular candidates require examination.

Opinions: Boos and Bravos
Check out what the editorial board booed and bravoed this week.

Feature: Combined candidacy


One college-dominated group thinks a bipartisan presidential campaign could be just the ticket

Out: True Blue sushi

Scottsdale eatery mixes original, inexpensive items with standout service for a great night out

Community engaged in creativity
Imagine it: wielding and actually controlling 2,000 degrees of molten fire in the palm of your hand, living and breathing in the medium of glass.

ASU grad turns plants into art
Desert landscapes are a common subject for photographers in the Southwest, but ASU graduate Richard Laugharn stands out from the crowd for his relationship with the plants he photographs.

RC Helicopters

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