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'We know it was caused by a human'

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS
EXTINGUISH: Firemen work to extinguish whats left of a fire inside the MU earlier this semester.

A person played a part in the Memorial Union fire, a University official said.

Pulitzer winner spends week at ASU

Not everyone has the opportunity to be both a journalist and a novelist, dedicated to both family and career, but ASU students had the chance to meet one such person this week.

Police Beat
A 55-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Friday night on charges of second degree trespassing, loitering and interference with an educational institution in the second story men's restroom at the Lattie Coor building, according to the police report.

Sun Devils see conference best on final road trip
The Sun Devils last pair of matches away from Wells Fargo Arena are now the most important of the season.

Showing some love for Mother Earth
ASU students came together to show love for their planet on campus Thursday.

ASU lets win slip away in final seconds against Team China

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU women's basketball team lost its second of two exhibition games against a national team when it lost to Team China Thursday.

Fast forward

Year two of the Sendek era will officially get underway Monday when the ASU men's basketball team tips off its regular season against Illinois in the first round of the Maui Invitational in Maui, Hawaii.

Devil Dish
Only one word seems to come to mind when describing the New York Knicks.

ASU travels to Philly for first tournament
The ASU wrestling team has a heavy load to face Sunday as it heads to Philadelphia for the annual Keystone Classic hosted by Pennsylvania.

Priceless Sports Commentary: In da club
Picture a nightclub that only allows sports celebrities on the VIP list who have recently established credibility in their respective sports and make everyone else who has done something shameful wait in line outside for hours.

Opinions: Fighting over the truth

PATE: A few weeks ago, a "60 Minutes" segment entitled "Bombing Afghanistan" told the story of a recent airstrike that left nine civilians dead. The story worked into what "60 Minutes" portrayed as a reckless American air campaign that is damaging Afghanistan as much as the Taliban. It was a program to make us duly proud of the American media for exposing a misuse of force.

The problem "60 Minutes" knew that the story wasn't true, and ran it anyway.

Opinions: Common courtesies left at the classroom door

PRICE: There's nothing more annoying than sitting behind talkative people browsing in class, or being next to a loud, obnoxious drunk at a concert, but unfortunately these types of situations seem to happen quite often.

I remember way back in elementary school when someone was being annoying and I told them to stop, the especially persistent ones would try to use the First Amendment against me and say, "It's a free country!" making me want to kick them in their shins. Just having freedoms doesn't mean you have to use them to be so irritating. I don't think everyone has gotten that message.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what the editorial board booed & bravoed this week.

Out: Vegan in disguise


The menu at Supreme Master Ching Hai Vegetarian House may confuse first-timers; the vegan restaurant's menu has an entire section devoted to meat dishes and another dedicated to seafood entrees.

Sex: Wanna snuggle?

Some are couples. Others are complete strangers. But they all share a common interest: they just want to cuddle with each other.

Voice: Pulling it off in three and a half years...
When I first graduated from high school, I was sick of school. I had always been a straight-A student, but I was worn out from the monotony of academic work.

Local Limelight: Mixmaster and animal lover
Charlie "DJ Chaz" Rolsky is not a typical hip-hop producer.

He wears a Humane Society shirt to video shoots instead of sporting Rockawear.

Feature: Redemption song
After snorting about 25 lines of methamphetamine in 76 hours, Rick Fey's years of drug addiction caught up to him in the form of his third drug overdose.

RC Helicopters

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