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Crow among highest paid presidents

ASU President Michael Crow was ranked among the 20 highest paid public university presidents in a recent survey, but with his latest raise he should be in the top 10, one member of the Arizona Board of Regents said.

ASU among top schools for fun, least effort

ASU is the 23rd top college in the country according to

An expensive addiction could become more costly
Buying a pack of smokes could help pay for a child's health care if Congress passes a bill that would more than double the tax on cigarettes.

Prescribed burns, fast responses keep 2007 wildfire totals low
Using flaming kerosene, members of the Mormon Lake Hot Shots burn off leaves, needles and other underbrush from the forest south of this northern Arizona community. Their goal: keeping any wildfire in the area from becoming the next Rodeo-Chediski fire.

Pulitzer Prize nominee shapes nature through poetry
Pulitzer Prize nominee Margo Tamez came to the ASU Polytechnic campus last week to share her poems, struggles and her ongoing fight to support indigenous communities.

Carpenter sits out practice to heal

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

The most important thumb at ASU is going to be just fine.

Sun Devils on the mend after letdown against UNC

After dropping its regular season opener at No. 7 North Carolina on Sunday, the ASU women's basketball team was back to work this week and trying to move on.

Devil Dish
It seems like every men's basketball team is underway except for the Sun Devils, and I'm ready to rock and roll.

Women's national meet streak continues, men squeeze in for first time since '05
Both the ASU men's and women's cross country teams were selected as one of 31 teams to participate in Monday's NCAA Division I National Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, Ind.

Opinions: Should smokers pay for your kid's illness?

On today's front page, Sarah Owen details a congressional bill that will once again raise taxes on cigarettes in order to fund unrelated programs.

It seems like a nice plan. Smokers pay an extra $.61 per pack of cigarettes and the government uses the money to provide healthcare to disadvantaged children nationwide.

Opinions: TV better than the movies

MAPES: The average American watches six hours of TV a day, and I cannot say that I blame them. TV has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. So much so that it is starting to surpass movies in quality of production and writing. Why pay $9.50 to see "Bee Movie" when you can plop down on the couch with a bag of popcorn and some sour patch kids and watch "Heroes?" Not only is it cheaper, but you can do it in just your socks without getting arrested or getting gum stuck to the bottoms of your favorite pair of knee-highs.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

10 films for an early holiday celebration


While it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, department stores, radio stations and The State Press are already in the Christmas spirit.

Out: Vegan in disguise

The menu at Supreme Master Ching Hai Vegetarian House may confuse first-timers; the vegan restaurant's menu has an entire section devoted to meat dishes and another dedicated to seafood entrees.

Local Limelight: Mixmaster and animal lover
Charlie "DJ Chaz" Rolsky is not a typical hip-hop producer.

He wears a Humane Society shirt to video shoots instead of sporting Rockawear.

Sex: Wanna snuggle?
Some are couples. Others are complete strangers. But they all share a common interest: they just want to cuddle with each other.

Feature: Redemption song
After snorting about 25 lines of methamphetamine in 76 hours, Rick Fey's years of drug addiction caught up to him in the form of his third drug overdose.

RC Helicopters

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