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Seeing dollar signs

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS
EXPRESS YOURSELF: Electrical engineering graduate student Fei Wu enters a crowded Panda Express Tuesday night. The recent MU closure has increased business at local eateries, including the new string of restaurants on College Avenue just north of University Drive.

With thousands of students still unable to eat at the Memorial Union because of fire damage, at least four food vendors near ASU say their number of regular customers has about doubled.

'I can't wait to get to the first news story of the day'

The most trusted man in America walked into a room filled with students of the school that bears his name Tuesday afternoon.

Chairs in storage area added to heat, acceleration of fire
Material from chairs in the banquet storage area where the Memorial Union fire started were highly flammable, causing the fire to spread quickly, a study conducted by Tempe fire investigators found at the Tempe Training Center.

Police Beat
A 21-year-old Mesa man was arrested Sunday morning on the 1100 block of South Lebanon Lane on charges of burglary of the third degree, according to the police report.

Veggie-friendly dining?
While animal rights organizations praise ASU's vegetarian dining options, some students say they aren't enough to support a meat-free lifestyle.

Sendek plans for 3 starting freshmen

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

ASU men's basketball coach Herb Sendek has had over three weeks to watch his youth-laden team practice, but still isn't sure what to expect come game time.

Rebaza, Bellama lead Sun Devils

The ASU men's tennis team wrapped up its Thunderbird Invitational Sunday, placing second in doubles and having one player place third in singles.

Devil Dish
Where's the love?
The ASU football team is ranked No. 8 in the country, but it deserves better.

Rebaza, Bellama lead Sun Devils
The ASU men's tennis team wrapped up its Thunderbird Invitational Sunday, placing second in doubles and having one player place third in singles.

Young Sun Devils win opening matches
The ASU wrestling team capped off its opening weekend of action by going undefeated in its dual matches held in Davis, Calif. and Portland, Ore.

Opinions: Star-spangled fascism

(Hold right hand over heart.)
I pledge allegiance to the flag
(Switch here to military salute, with arm extended straight forward from the body)
of the United States of America
and to the Republic, for which it stands.
One nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

There. Now you all know how the Pledge of Allegiance was originally performed. And possibly you all feel a bit like Hitler Youth.

Imagine a classroom of seven-year-olds proudly saluting our stars and stripes.

Opinions: It's time to make our voices heard

DHANANI: No John, we're not waiting.

As the hype of Barack Obama's visit starts to die down and the campus begins to become charged with the student voice fanatics, the face of apathy rears its ugly head. I ran into this the other day in class when I found myself watching a shouting match about how one vote didn't count. "The political system is corrupt" and "the uninformed people cancel out my vote" were also popular rebuttals against voting. I do not think these people took into consideration that we are a democracy. This is why the country works the way it does. And moreover, you CAN NOT complain if you do not vote.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

On the cover: Anatomy of a fighter


Muhammad Al-Awadhi came to the U.S. from Kuwait to study at ASU. But his passion truly lies in boxing. Here, Al-Awadhi's story through images: the story of a student, an immigrant, a fighter.

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Voice: Pulling it off in three and a half years...

When I first graduated from high school, I was sick of school. I had always been a straight-A student, but I was worn out from the monotony of academic work.

Sex: Wanna snuggle?
Some are couples. Others are complete strangers. But they all share a common interest: they just want to cuddle with each other.

Local Limelight: Mixmaster and animal lover
Charlie "DJ Chaz" Rolsky is not a typical hip-hop producer.

He wears a Humane Society shirt to video shoots instead of sporting Rockawear.

Out: Vegan in disguise
The menu at Supreme Master Ching Hai Vegetarian House may confuse first-timers; the vegan restaurant's menu has an entire section devoted to meat dishes and another dedicated to seafood entrees.

RC Helicopters

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