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Honoring those who fought for freedom

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS
IN HONOR: Ray Thomas, 2006 Veterans of Foreign Wars Arizona State Commander, salutes as retired Senior Master Sergeant Eddie Rodriguez plays the trumpet to begin Veterans Day festivities at Tempe Beach Park Monday.

Thousands of Tempe community members marched almost a mile Monday along Mill Avenue from Gammage Auditorium to show respect for those who have served their country in the military.

Former NBC anchor given Cronkite award

Jane Pauley was honored with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism Monday, but the former "Today" show star insists it's just a title.

Romney gets boost from heavily Mormon communities in Arizona
Barbara Householder said she supports Mitt Romney because of his stand on family values. The fact that Romney, like Householder, is a Mormon makes him even more appealing and is part of the reason her family contributed $500 to his campaign, she said.

Veterans, civilians remember Vietnam War
Today marks the 25th anniversary the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a landmark that still holds a powerful message to some.

Teach for America lets college grads give back to community
Hanna Ricketson graduated from ASU last spring, and went straight back to high school.

McGaha answers call as reciever

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

At the onset of the season, there were plenty of questions surrounding ASU's wide receivers.

ASU lined up for Rose Bowl

PASADENA, CALIF. When the Rose Bowl clock hit 0:00 Saturday afternoon, the ASU football team had accomplished more than just a 24-20 victory over UCLA.

Men, women make NCAA championships
The ASU men's and women's cross country teams have made it to the big time.

Swimming weekend round-up
It came down to one relay race for the ASU men's swimming team.

UCLA replacements struggling to catch up
Trotting out a squad of replacements, the UCLA football team needed big plays Saturday to have a chance against ASU.

Opinions: Stop this star-spangled sell-out

Hallmark and friends, you really dropped the ball.

Veterans Day came and went without much noise and you're to blame. In a nation where consumerism is pretty much the driving force of our lives, this was your chance to capitalize on our good spirits and put millions in the bank like you do so, so many times during the year.

Opinions: Plastic surgery: a quick fix for happiness

Breast Implants are the most frequently-requested graduation gift. More than 333,000 adolescents ages 18 and younger had plastic surgery in 2005, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The number of teens that are jumping on the boob job bandwagon and frivolously deciding to go under the knife is outrageous.

Opinions: Letters to the editor

On the Cover: Playing with fire


Newly constructed buildings on campus have them. So do residence halls. But not the second floor of the Memorial Union.

ASU Tempe campus sprinkler coverage

Voice: The drugs that took my brother away

It's hard enough to move to a new city, start a college career and meet a new set of friends. It's even harder when two weeks before you start a new life, your brother's life ends.

Local Limelight: Having her day
Her long dark hair, bright red lipstick and tattooed skin may make Wensday look like a vocalist for a punk rock band. But beneath it all, her sultry, classically trained voice is making waves among jazz and blues musicians at the local and national levels.

Feature: 'I just don't want to be looked at as the kid whose mom is dying'
Evan Tanguy says he and his mother Laurie have always been a team.

Out: Eating cheaply at cheap Lee's
If you're looking for a quick, cheap lunch, try Lee's Sandwiches, located in a shopping center on the southeastern corner of Warner and Dobson Roads.

RC Helicopters

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