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Sun Devils' season far from over

Matt Nicholson / THE STATE PRESS
NO WHERE TO GO: ASU sophomore wide receiver Chris McGahais brought down by an Oregon defender Saturday.

For the ASU football team, the question now becomes: what's next?

Officials: MU fire 'suspicious'

Investigators are saying Thursday's fire in the Memorial Union started under "suspicious" circumstances.

'We just watched the smoke get worse and worse'
When the fire alarm sounded in ASU's Memorial Union Thursday, up to 5,000 people were evacuated, but four students had no choice but to wait in the burning building for help to arrive.

Too little, too late for text message?
Some ASU students questioned the effectiveness of the University's newly implemented text message alert system following Thursday's Memorial Union fire.

Obama latest candidate to open Phoenix campaign office
ASU student volunteers for Obama have better access to the senator's presidential campaign with the opening of a campaign office in Phoenix.

ASU struggles with free throws in exhibition win

Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS

The new-look ASU men's basketball team has room to grow after their first game together in 2007, defeating Division II Grand Canyon 80-57 at Wells Fargo Arena Saturday afternoon in an exhibition matchup.

Washington sweeps ASU

The Sun Devils three-match winning streak was stopped Friday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

Sun Devils fall to nation's best on the road
The ASU women's soccer team dropped a pair of conference matches in Los Angeles over the weekend as it lost to No. 1 UCLA 3-1 on Friday and No. 4 USC 1-0 on Sunday.

Carpenter battles through injured thumb
If junior quarterback Rudy Carpenter's right thumb was bothering him at all on Saturday, it didn't seem to affect his passing abilities.

Priceless Sports Commentary: A look into the crystal ball
In all walks of life, everyone you come across likely has fanatical opinions on sports and will be sure to let you know all about them whether you like it or not.

Opinions: It's a small world after all

MISAK: There are approximately 6 billion people in the world, but you would never know it. At times, it seems like we live in a small world. People know people who know other people, things come back to bite you in the butt, or tap you on the back and yet we will never know the real cause of the small world syndrome in our lives.

Opinions: Text-message alert system fails first test

After the Virginia Tech shootings last year, ASU instituted a cell-phone warning policy, in which students could sign up to receive alerts about dangerous happenings on campus. Sounds like a pretty good idea. Whenever a fire, shooting, terrorist gas attack, nuclear reactor explosion or any other manner of potentially deadly event happens, students will immediately receive a message telling them what's going on and what to do.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Scottsdale turns streets into runways for fashion week


Lights and big screen monitors towering over a white runway were placed parallel to the fashionable boutiques of the Scottsdale Waterfront plaza in preparation for the biggest four-day fashion event of the season in Scottsdale.

Fashion show brings culture to ASU

The African Students Association at ASU finished off a series of events celebrating African Awareness Week with a cultural fashion show Nov. 2 held at the garden courtyard at West Hall.

Voice: V is for veggies; that's good enough for me
It's not every day that a lecture changes your life. For me, it was a Tuesday. In Biology and Society in the fall of 2006, Dr. Sharon Hall gave a lecture on land-use change and its effects on global warming.

Local Limelight: Phoenician Gothic
Local band element a440 headed out to Chicago earlier this month eating cold SpaghettiOs and sleeping in a van. The unsigned band was traveling from its hometown of Phoenix to play Oct. 13 in the renowned alternative music festival Gothfest.

Sex: C-3POh baby!
Deflate those blow-up dolls and stop charging those batteries because in the near future, humans will likely have the ability to have sex, and even tie the knot, with robots, at least according to one researcher.

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