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Tempe narrows Apache Boulevard

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS
LIGHT TRAIL: Cars pass by the front of a new dormitory near the intersection of Apache Boulevard and College Avenue Monday night. Recent construction on Apache turned what was once the third lane into parking spots and added a bike lane.

A section of road near the ASU Tempe campus has been altered to offer more parking spaces and a bike lane, according to City of Tempe officials.

Law professor: Arpaio went overboard

"America's toughest sheriff" overextended his authority last week when two Phoenix journalists were arrested, an ASU professor said Monday.

A week of Sun Devil pride
ASU students will be treated to music, comedy and the biggest game of the year for the Sun Devil football team this week the University's Homecoming Week.

Plenty of plants to eat at ASU
For those who choose to eat tofu instead of turkey and other meat products, ASU is among the nation's best universities when it comes to accommodating vegetarians, according to animal-rights activist group, peta2.

Dressing up for the part
Some students were sneezed on by a four-foot nose, asked to spray cream cheese on a bagel or visited the Eiffel Tower Monday morning thanks to the life-sized costumes worn by students surrounding the front of the Memorial Union.

Road to get rocky for Sun Devils

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

Now it gets tough.
The undefeated ASU football team is ranked No. 4 in the nation, but some national experts are saying it's because the Sun Devils have had an easy schedule.

Head coach steps down after rough start

The early season struggles of the ASU hockey team continued last weekend, but under the reigns of a new head coach.

Rebaza shines, little else goes right for ASU
The ASU men's tennis team wrapped up play before the West's ITA Regional Championships was set to end Monday, and without excuse.

Devil Dish
Arizona Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers is no longer solely remembered for launching the pigskin between two tall, yellow bars.

California fires cut tournament short
Perhaps the only obstacle ASU's tennis player Nadia Abdala could not overcome this weekend was a natural disaster.

Opinions: Big Brother is listening

MAPES: In the United States, we value our freedom and fight to protect ourselves from the ever-watching eye of a Big Brother-esque figure. Ironically, though, we choose to constantly carry personal tracking devices with us. The cell phones glued to our fingertips keep us perpetually connected to anyone and everything. It brings a strange sense of security to know that you can be reached at anytime, whether it is an emergency or just your roommate wanting to know if you ate their leftover Taco Bell, which you probably did.

Opinions: Sheriff Joe, you blow

Last week Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio tried to send my dad to jail for doing his job. In a gross misuse of his limited political power, Arpaio manipulated a county attorney into leveling wide-reaching subpoenas against John Dougherty (my dad) and his employer, local weekly newspaper The Phoenix New Times, in reaction to articles my dad had written about Sheriff Joe.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

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