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Obama: Trust me, trust yourself

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

ASU had Obama fever Friday morning as more than 7,000 students and community members flooded Hayden Lawn to hear the presidential candidate speak.

Think you got eight hours of sleep last night? Think again

If you're excited about that long night of sleep you managed to get before school today, don't celebrate just yet — it might not have been as long as you thought, according to a recent ASU study.

Heroic horses aid in healing process
With help from a few ASU students, the University's only equine therapy program will open a new facility Wednesday at the Phoenix Zoo.

Starting Young
ASU officials are taking pre-K-12 education into their own hands � by opening their own elementary school.

Police Beat
A 37-year-old transient woman was arrested Friday morning on the 100 block of East Fifth Street on charges of felony forgery.

Sun Devils jump to No. 4 in latest BCS standings

Morgan Bellinger / THE STATE PRESS

A week off has yielded a lot more than just some much-needed rest for the ASU football team.

ASU no match for No. 3 Stanford

The Pac-10's best took down the shorthanded Sun Devils Friday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

Exposure of Cal's vulnerabilities work to ASU's advantage
California football coach Jeff Tedford slammed down his play card and headset as the final seconds ticked off the Golden Bears' Oct. 13 game.

Priceless Sports Commentary: You got got again
What do you get when you throw the geniuses that run the New York Yankees, an NBA player who claims to have proof of a consensual ménage à trois and a standup comedian under the same bus?

Opinions: Rally for Obama is a success

MISAK: Crowds chanted, laughed and booed on Hayden Lawn Friday for what many called, "Oba-mania."

Barack Obama, Illinois senator and democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, visited ASU's Tempa (oops, I mean Tempe) campus to speak.

Opinions: Phoenix's counter-culture is quietly exploding

SHAMAS: When people think of a city they think of culture; many claim Phoenix does not have that culture, and it should, since it is the fifth largest city in America. I say we have this culture; it is just being created right now. I look at Phoenix and see opportunities almost every night, certainly every week. I see bicycles and music being the prominent features of this new-found culture. Intertwined with the two is a civic pride that is emerging and will be blossoming soon.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Sex: Benefits, but with doubts


Friends who hook up may seem to some to have the perfect setup: commitment-free sex, a known partner and the freedom to still mingle in the dating scene.

Out: Step into Mexico

The drive to the border may be just a few hours, but it's quicker, cheaper and easier to get an authentic Mexican experience by merely heading to Tradiciones restaurant in Phoenix.

Feature: You say you want a revolution
Signs started popping up all over the city last Independence Day, declaring a new revolution: The Ron Paul Revolution.

Sound: New Tricks
Bark Bark Bark's sound is a cocktail of electronic drumbeats, synthesizers, random samplings from old Nintendo games and maybe a little LSD.

Voice: For the men who'll roll their eyes
I'm waiting for the day when my husband can wake up in the night when our baby's crying and hold her till she sleeps, and my family and male friends won't say, "He's the woman in the relationship."

RC Helicopters

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