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Obama to visit ASU campus today

Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
GETTING INVOLVED: Communications and women and gender studies major Kriara Craig paints posters on Hayden Lawn Thursday in preparation of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s rally scheduled for Friday.

Students can rally for change with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., this morning on Hayden Lawn.

The presidential candidate will address supporters at the event, which kicks off at 10 a.m.

Dorm room moving made easy

When psychology senior Brad Wolf lived in Palo Verde East he knew what it was like to move out at the end of the year in 110-degree heat.

China comes to ASU
ASU will unveil its new Confucius Institute Monday in hopes of changing the perception of China as foreign country to that of a rising and influential global leader, officials say.

Fall '08 starting times change
Students crunched for time as they take classes at different campuses have relief on the way starting next fall.

Police Beat
A 28-year-old Phoenix man was arrested on charges of assault Wednesday evening following an altercation with another man outside the Chili's restaurant at 801 S. Mill Ave., according to the police report.

ASU loses match, top scorer

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

What looked like the beginnings of an upset quickly went the other direction Thursday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

Pankration gives Sun Devils shot at MMA world

"Where else can you choke your professor, slap an attorney, punch your boss or in one case kick a politician without getting into trouble?"

Firepower back for offense
The job of the quarterback is to win football games.

And that's exactly what junior Rudy Carpenter has done.

Defense has surprised
ASU's defensive front has been effective all season. The Sun Devils are second in the Pac-10 with 20 sacks and rank first in allowing just 15 points per game.

ASU shuffles lineup in quest for win
The No. 4 ASU women's golf team will be seeking its first victory of the year going into its final tournament of the fall season.

Opinions: Adderall: good medicine gone bad

DOUGHERTY: If you feel campus is an unlikely place to be descended on by tweakers, think again.

These college drug fiends are a different breed, wearing the latest fashions and avoiding the "open sores on the face" look. They often go unnoticed, as they managed to avoid my attention until just last week, when one of them broke rank and revealed themselves to me.

Opinions: They're called French fries for a reason

PATE: America and France remind me of two brothers growing up together: they squabble, they trade punches, but they'll stick together in the end.

Sure, we fight. France led much of continental Europe in opposition to the Iraq war, and we responded by temporarily renaming our fast food. But "freedom fries" didn't last, and neither did the chill in Franco-American relations.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
See what the editorial board selected for this weeks Boos & Bravos.

Sound: New Tricks

Photos courtesy of Jacob Cooper

Bark Bark Bark's sound is a cocktail of electronic drumbeats, synthesizers, random samplings from old Nintendo games and maybe a little LSD.

Feature: You say you want a revolution

Signs started popping up all over the city last Independence Day, declaring a new revolution: The Ron Paul Revolution.

Sex: Benefits, but with doubts
Friends who hook up may seem to some to have the perfect setup: commitment-free sex, a known partner and the freedom to still mingle in the dating scene.

Voice: For the men who'll roll their eyes
I'm waiting for the day when my husband can wake up in the night when our baby's crying and hold her till she sleeps, and my family and male friends won't say, "He's the woman in the relationship."

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