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Tempe campus falls to 3rd place

Enrollment numbers for Ohio State, University of Florida campuses beat Tempe

 by Emma Breysse
 published on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

<b>OVERCROWDED:<b> Almost all computers are being used in the Hayden Library on Tuesday.  The Tempe campus is the third largest campus in the country./issues/news/702301
Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
OVERCROWDED: Almost all computers are being used in the Hayden Library on Tuesday. The Tempe campus is the third largest campus in the country.


ASU's Tempe campus has once again been beaten by Ohio State University.

Ohio State University announced this morning that its Columbus campus has the country's largest enrollment for fall 2007, beating out ASU's Tempe campus for the second year in a row. The Tempe campus is now third behind The University of Florida's Gainesville campus.

While ASU's total student body among all four campuses Tempe, Downtown, West and Polytechnic is larger in terms of total enrollment, Ohio State's Columbus campus has about 1,000 more students than the Tempe campus, according to data from both universities. The University of Florida's Gainesville campus has about 400 more students than ASU.

Sarah Auffret, an ASU spokesperson, said that being the largest campus was never a goal of the University.

"We have never tried to be the largest campus," she said. "We are actually making an effort to up the enrollment at our other campuses to make classes accessible to people around the Valley."

Ohio State reported enrolling 52,568 students on their Columbus campus for fall 2007, while the University of Florida's Gainsville campus enrolled 51,876. ASU's Tempe campus enrolled 51,481 students in fall 2007, according to data from the three universities.

By contrast, ASU's total enrollment for all four campuses this semester is 64,394. Students attending all of Ohio State's campuses number 60,347, according to data from both schools.

ASU's Tempe campus has not topped the enrollment lists since 2005, when enrollment reached 51,612. That year, the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus was second, and Ohio State University was third.

Current Tempe campus enrollment is lower than 2005 numbers by 231 students, though it is up from last year by 247.

Ohio State has experienced an increase of 750 students from last year's enrollment, and an increase of 2,064 students from 2005, when they were third in the rankings.

Adam Lopez-Verdugo, a math sophomore, said the news of the Tempe campus' third place ranking does not affect his perception of ASU.

"It's not the size that matters, it's how well you get it done," he said. "They're bigger, but we're better."

Amy Tait, a kinesiology senior, said she believes soon ASU will be both bigger and better.

"Congratulations to Ohio State," she said. "But we'll get it back."

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