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ASU workers will see more money in their pockets

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
KEEPING THE SCHEDULE: Music education sophomore Chris Boesen checks the schedule of his employees at the Memorial Union Wednesday. Minimum wage has risen from $6.75 to $6.90 per hour due to inflation.

In less than two months, all workers at ASU and in the state making minimum hourly wage will see a raise of 15 cents.

Still undeclared? Get online

For ASU students about to hit the job market, a diploma and computer access may now be enough to plan a career.

Juggling academics and athletics
Anything boys can do, girls can do better and for ASU athletic graduation rates, it's true, according to the latest NCAA Graduation Success Report.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old Tempe man was arrested Tuesday night at Southern Avenue and Country Club Way on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal damage and criminal damage, police reported.

Youthful Locker keeping cool despite hype

Courtesy of Trevor Klein / THE DAILY

Students brag that he's in their classes, scream in his direction around campus and are envious of his play on the field.

Newcomers bring excitement, optimism to new season

There's a certain buzz and vibe surrounding the 2007 ASU men's basketball team. Despite going just 2-16 in the Pac-10 and 8-22 overall, pundits nationwide are penciling ASU as a team to watch this upcoming season.

Devil Dish
The Diamondbacks begin the National League Championship Series tonight against the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field and I wouldn't be happy if I was a television executive at Turner Broadcasting.

ASU could boost NCAA hopes against UA
The ASU volleyball team is at a crucial point in the season as they battle for a slot in the NCAA tournament.

Nordqvist cracks to 10 again, ASU takes second
The No. 3 ASU women's golf team placed four individuals in the top 20 on its way to capturing runner-up honors at the Edean Ihlanfeldt Invitational in Sammamish, Wash.

Opinions: Plus/minus is a plus in the long run

Love it or hate it, the plus/minus system looks like it's here to stay. After a recent study showed that a slight majority of students and a larger majority of teachers approve of the grading system, there is no reason to believe it will be nixed.

Enacted three and a half years ago, the grading system allows teachers to add a plus or a minus when assigning semester grades if they so choose.

Opinions: Halloween revelers: Try a new approach

MAPES: Earlier this week, Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Ore., set a record at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival with his 1,524 lb. gourd. The enormous pumpkin, rivaled in mass only by Jay Leno's head (and flat on one side just like Jay), sold for $6 a pound, coming out to $9,144. That's a whole lot of pie. I can imagine how excited the lucky kid must be who gets to gut that pumpkin with a backhoe and turn in into the world's largest and scariest Jay-o-lantern. They could even make it a glowing orange fort.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Sex: Au naturel for nature


When one thinks of a Web site called, horribly depraved acts involving innocent vegetables might come to mind.

Out: You bet I am

Looking to mix up the cold pizz and beer diet you've been subsisting on? The recently opened I Am the Center Bistro offers students culinary options that harmonize with a healthier, more natural lifestyle, all within walking distance of the Tempe campus.

Students perform like family
For the cast of Lyric Opera Theater's recent production of "She Loves Me," hours of rehearsing and preparation were spent not just with fellow theater majors, but with friends.

Sound: Let it ride
While "organic" may not have its own section in music stores just yet, the members of Phoenix band Try Me Bicycle are committed to spreading environmental awareness through their music.

Feature: Life as a house
Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, earth-toned countertops in the kitchen, wood flooring throughout the house and light-colored paint on the walls.

RC Helicopters

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