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Students kick off three weeks of 24-hour prayer

Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
ELEVATED: Management major Jonathan Yee sings and plays the piano inside Danforth Chapel Monday, helping to kick off a 24 hour prayer session.

ASU students will once more see a blue tent and bowed heads outside Danforth Chapel after Monday night's kickoff of 21 days of 24-hour prayer.

Campus crime dropped slightly in '06

Despite adding 2,000 more students and a brand new campus, the total crime reported at ASU dropped slightly in 2006 from 2005.

Interfraternity Council changes alcohol policies
In light of recent sexual assault allegations against the Greek Community, the ASU Interfraternity Council met Monday and passed what its president called an "extremely strict" event policy to prevent future incidents.

Police Beat
A 20-year-old female ASU student was arrested Thursday morning on charges of underage consumption of alcohol while at Packard Drive South parking structure after a police officer witnessed her pull down her pants and lean against a wall and urinate on the ground, police reported.

ASU at highest rank since 1997

Jeffery Lowman / THE STATE PRESS

Before every season, the ASU football team has the same goal: make the Rose Bowl.

Penalties doom Sun Devils against UA

It was a highly disappointing weekend for the ASU ice hockey team after dropping two games to intrastate rival UA on home ice.

Devil Dish
It's time for some clumsy observations of the rich, famous, and athletic.

When the New York Yankees journeyed back to the Bronx to salvage game three of the ALCS Sunday, one would have thought that the infamous team was escaping all bugs. It turns out; they'll never escape the biggest pest of all. George Steinbrenner threatened the job security of manager Joe Torre, who's only won about 4 World Series titles. But hey, it worked.

ASU bounces back after sluggish tournament start
ASU's men's tennis team wrapped up its first team tournament, culminating Sunday's play with a 2-2 record.

Opinions: What happened to Rocky Point?

PRICE: Sitting at the border for four hours, the equivalence of the entire trip, moving an inch a minute with no bathrooms in sight can push any sane person over the edge. But it never used to be like this. Rocky Point was mine, my family's vacation spot that no one knew about. The secret haven that people from Tucson and Phoenix would frequent during their Fall break or their Easter vacation is now being gutted and turned into a tourist town attracting people from all over to overrun the small beach town.

Opinions: Math is about solving, not solutions

SHAMAS: Math. This word invokes disdain, fear, and possibly the contemplation of suicide for most normal students. There are those lone students who thrive on math and even more oddly, they will major and make a living looking at numbers. This was my original plan when I came to college. Throughout high school I had always been able to understand math and its ideas easily. Not to mention I found math to be a very creative subject.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Sex: Final Romantasy


It's five minutes before the doors open, and Romantasy Cabaret director and creator Lucy Morals is fluttering around the main room of The Paper Heart. It's Sept. 29 the last show of the season and Morals is making last minute arrangements and encouraging performers with names like Lady Cobra, Nelly Furtaco and Wilma Topkomov.

On the cover: And then comes withdrawal

Matt* can't say exactly how his meth addiction started.

Local Limelight: Talking about honky-tonk
The name Plowed Under comes from a poem and picture by Charles Russell, a famous cowboy artist. It was his style and the look of the early West, in general, that inspired the members of the laid back honky-tonk band Plowed Under.

The T&A Q&A: College-age of enlightenment
After starting just one year ago, the Network of Enlightened Women has wasted no time making its voice heard. As a conservative women's group at ASU, the club has contributed to the ever-evolving discourse about women's sexual issues on campus. This week, SPM talks to the club's president, English linguistics junior Catherine Smith, about hot topics like pornography, abortion and "The Vagina Monologues."

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