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Don't throw away that pizza box

Branden Eastwood / THE STATE PRESS
KEEPING IT CLEAN: Interdisciplinary studies senior Aaron Swift and non-profit leadership and management junior Terra Ganem show potential recycler’s how it’s done Wednesday.

ASU's Undergraduate Student Government is taking the campus recycling problems into their own hands, two residence halls at a time.

Devils squeak by Washington State

The Sun Devils beat the Washington State Cougars 23-20 in a nail-biter Saturday, but it wasn't pretty.

War video games unrealistic, study says
While video games can let students pretend to be soldiers running up a beachfront, the games aren't accurate representations of combat or the wars they depict, according to a study by an ASU doctoral candidate.

Sun Devils return to roots for baseball playoffs
Even though Sun Devil colors are maroon and gold, the start of the Major League Baseball playoffs have forced some students to don Sedona red and Cubbie blue.

Attorney: Affirmative action needs to stay
In the face of an approaching political fight, ASU's chapter of the NAACP hosted a panel discussion on affirmative action Thursday, drawing nearly 60 students.

Road trip no easy task for Sun Devils

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

For the second week in a row, the No. 18 ASU football team will take its unblemished record on the road with hopes of remaining perfect.

Sun Devil's on a roll heading into final non-conference game

The ASU women's soccer team hosts another ranked team Sunday when it plays No. 19 San Diego at Sun Devil Soccer Stadium in its final non-conference game.
Pac-10 play begins next week for ASU.

Defensive backfields crucial in ASU, WSU showdown
Junior quarterback Rudy Carpenter has been phenomenal thus far for ASU (5-0, 2-0).

Wazzu on downslide entering homecoming game against ASU
Fifth-year coach Bill Doba and the Washington State football team will put out its welcome mat Saturday — but not for the visiting ASU football team.

Top ASU runners take a seat despite hosting event
The ASU men's and women's cross country teams will face some heated in-state competition today as they host the 22nd Arizona State Invitational at Kiwanis Park in Tempe.

Opinions: Oil is in the hands of the bad guys

PATE: A number of problems in the world today spring from one source — oil, black gold, texas tea.

As a driver of a Buick, let me be the first to defend this innocuous little hydrocarbon; oil gets me around on the highway, streams electrons through my power outlets, and fills the air with clouds of pollutants that give Phoenix sunsets that beautiful red tint.

Opinions: Your kids are named Dweezle and Moon Unit?

CEO: We are being too creative when it comes to naming our children and it's just plain immoral. Names like Apple, Orange and Banana just do not cut it. Children are teased enough during their childhood that they do not need a particularly bad name to set them off. If someone in my class was named Apple, and at lunch they were eating an apple, I would point and laugh. They would probably go home crying, and would grow up hating their parents, later to snap and peg their parents with apples to their juicy and bloody end.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what the editorial board Booed & Bravoed this week.

On the cover: And then comes withdrawal


Matt* can't say exactly how his meth addiction started.

The T&A Q&A: College-age of enlightenment

After starting just one year ago, the Network of Enlightened Women has wasted no time making its voice heard. As a conservative women's group at ASU, the club has contributed to the ever-evolving discourse about women's sexual issues on campus. This week, SPM talks to the club's president, English linguistics junior Catherine Smith, about hot topics like pornography, abortion and "The Vagina Monologues."

Feature: The Six-Year Plan
College used to be the best four years of your life. For many, it's now the best six.

Local Limelight: Talking about honky-tonk
The name Plowed Under comes from a poem and picture by Charles Russell, a famous cowboy artist. It was his style and the look of the early West, in general, that inspired the members of the laid back honky-tonk band Plowed Under.

Voice: Life, libertarian and the pursuit of happiness
For me, the road to calling myself a libertarian was a gradual one. It started with reading the libertarian cliché Ayn Rand novels and led to the study of classical liberals like John Stuart Mill. Studying economics was certainly an important catalyst as well. I took from my courses the hard facts of the positive realm and began thinking about my own normative ideas. The major premise I ended with was that government intervention, although always with the best intention, could end up hurting more people than it helps.

RC Helicopters

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