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'I think we need change.'

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
ASU alum Chris Boggs listens to speakers at a Barack Obama rally at the State Capitol Tuesday.

Nearly 100 people gathered at the State Capital Tuesday night to declare it time to "turn the page" in Iraq with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.


OMG. Y no texting?

While students at the Downtown campus can't text while driving anymore, there aren't any indications the same restrictions will apply in Tempe until January.

Bringing the classroom to Blackboard
While Blackboard allows students to communicate with classmates and professors digitally, ASU has expanded its features to the verbal range.

Police Beat
ASU library staff reported that the book drop was spray painted Monday morning, according to the police report.

Safety making a name for himself

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

You'd think that a 6 feet 2 inches, 204 pound star athlete would get noticed around campus.

ASU activates redshirt runner to boost lineup

After reaching the midway point of the season, the ASU men's and women's cross country teams are right where they need to be in hopes of securing a national title come November.

ASU finishes near bottom at Illini Invitational
The No. 14 ASU men's golf team continued its struggle on the final round of play at the Illini Invitational in Olympia Fields, Ill., Monday.

Devil Dish
Normally, San Diego is pretty sweet.

I like the ocean and everything associated with it.

Opinions: Sparky replaced by "Can you hear me now?" guy

WALLACE: Five weeks ago I found myself out, shoes off, on Hayden Lawn. Ducking the sun, I sat squinting from a slice of slant-fading shade.

I had just come out of class in West Hall and sat looking back at it. I couldn't help but relish the quaint academic quality of the bricks and pillars and wind-wisped palm trees lining the entrance. It was quite a moment. It felt like the "ASU" they show in brochures. I wasn't crowded or tired or busy or stressed.

Opinions: Just Shoot Me

SPIVACK: On Sept. 25, 2007, a new drug hit the mainstream market worldwide and it's bound to have disastrous effects. It is a drug that causes serious addiction and is actually sponsored by a major American company as well as various other corporations globally.

It's Microsoft's Halo 3, an addicting addition to the craze that has swept the nation as everywhere nerds and the obsessed turn to their crafty Microsoft Xbox 360's with their $60 controllers as they play on their high definition televisions (which they bought thinking about Halo) all while wearing their stupid, idiotic headsets, giving the common nerd the unfathomable and irrational ability to talk shit while playing a video game.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Opinions: New law: don't be an idiot!
Hopefully you aren't reading this article on your iPhone while driving down the I-10. If you are, stop! You could be arrested based on a recently approved law prohibiting text message use while driving.

On the cover: And then comes withdrawal


Matt* can't say exactly how his meth addiction started.

Local Limelight: Talking about honky-tonk

The name Plowed Under comes from a poem and picture by Charles Russell, a famous cowboy artist. It was his style and the look of the early West, in general, that inspired the members of the laid back honky-tonk band Plowed Under.

Feature: The Six-Year Plan
College used to be the best four years of your life. For many, it's now the best six.

Out: Pretty awesome blossom
Cherry Blossom Noodle Café can't seem to figure out what it's all about. At first glance, it appears to be a Japanese noodle shop, with bamboo screens, chopsticks and wooden tables. But a closer look at the menu shows that the term "noodle" encompasses Italian pasta dishes, and the banana bread in the assorted breadbasket implies a touch of bakery.

The T&A Q&A: College-age of enlightenment
After starting just one year ago, the Network of Enlightened Women has wasted no time making its voice heard. As a conservative women's group at ASU, the club has contributed to the ever-evolving discourse about women's sexual issues on campus. This week, SPM talks to the club's president, English linguistics junior Catherine Smith, about hot topics like pornography, abortion and "The Vagina Monologues."

RC Helicopters

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