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Taking a stand against racial injustice

Branden Eastwood / THE STATE PRESS
THE HOPE, THE TRUTH: Liberal Arts and sciences undergraduate Billy Robb receives information concerning the Jena 6 Monday, when a nationwide walk-out in support of six students was staged.

ASU students joined thousands of people from more than 25 college campuses Monday to participate in a national walkout in response to the Jena 6 case.

ASU starts new text messaging alert system

In light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, ASU implemented a new text messaging alert system Friday.

Frat sexual assault case closed
University police cleared a member of an ASU fraternity of sexual assault allegations Friday, while a neighboring fraternity continues to be investigated for sexual misconduct.

Police Beat
An 18-year-old Scottsdale man was arrested Thursday night at Curry Road and Lakeview Drive on charges of possession of marijuana and prescription dangerous drugs after being stopped for a wide left turn and excessive speed, police reported.

Students to see benefits of financial aid bill
Pell Grants will increase by billions of dollars in the coming years, after a new bill was signed into law last week.

ASU locker room in high spirits

Photo Courtesy of The Stanford Daily

With another Saturday came another win and another boost of confidence for the ASU football team.

Busy schedule increases ASU's workload

For ASU's women's tennis team, when the schedule gets going, it really gets going.

Devil Dish
A few years ago I called out Brett Favre for hanging on for too long. I said he was just damaging his legacy by coming back year after year to a subpar Packers team, and questioned his abilities to keep them competitive.

Sun Devils get weekend split
The ASU hockey team split two games as they took to the ice for the first time this season against the Long Beach State 49ers last weekend.

Busy schedule increases ASU's workload
For ASU's women's tennis team, when the schedule gets going, it really gets going.

Opinions: The lost art of snail mail

SHAMAS: My name is Norman, I am the newest addition to the State Press staff as an opinion columnist. I am like every student at ASU: I wear polo shirts and sandals; I drink; I love football; I play the only worthwhile sport, beer pong; I'm in the business school; and I drive my car to school every day paying too much money for a parking pass, only to realize I still have to walk a mile just to do crosswords in class. I am average in every form with one exception: I write letters.

Opinions: What's the Greek letter for respect?

The outsider's view of fraternity life is riddled with clichés. The image of a young man in a sleeveless T-shirt and gelled hair giving his bro-dog a chest bump after firing off a winning beer pong shot floats into many minds whenever someone says "fraternity."

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Go: Fall color in Arizona


Fall is here in Arizona, but don't expect to see cholla turn orange and gold or for cacti to begin dropping their needles. If you're dying to see some real autumn color, a day-trip up north might be just what you need. Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon offer scenic views of landscapes and plenty of trees with real autumn color.

Cover story: Internet killed the radio star?

In kindergarten, the first thing we learn is that sharing is caring. In college, this idea could cost you thousands of dollars.

The T&A Q&A: Latex Lady
If you're ever in need of some protection, you don't have to hit up the nearest Walgreens.

Out: Cheap sushi? You Crazy!
Most college students hear "sushi" and think "pricey," but that's not always the case. Crazy Fish Sushi 202 — tucked away just north of the Scottsdale Road entrance to state Route 202 — has created one of the most delicious and economical happy hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays.

Feature: Chalk outline
Midnight is about to strike on ASU's Tempe campus. With February fresh in the crisp desert air, Ash Ponders, a religious studies senior, and the gang known affectionately as the Chalkmonauts, start to spread their art across the sidewalks.

RC Helicopters

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