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A golden state of mind

Photo Courtesy of The Stanford Daily
NOT SO FAST: Linebacker Travis Goethel tackles Stanford wide receiver Mark Bradford during ASU’s 41-3 victory in California Saturday.

It had been a long time since the ASU football team left California with a conference win.

ABOR approves nearly $500 million for financial aid

The Arizona Board of Regents, the governing body of in-state universities, approved the 2007 fiscal year student financial aid report Friday at NAU, showing students receiving almost a billion dollars in funds for this school year.

Police Beat
A 20-year-old Tempe man was arrested Thursday night on the 1200 block of West Elliot Road on charges of marijuana possession, police reported.

'Crime knows no time of the day or location'
Tempe Fire and Police departments are working in partnership to place prevention as a priority in Tempe communities for the National Crime and Fire Prevention Month.

ASU campus makes big screen debut in 'Kingdom'
The ASU Polytechnic campus can claim contribution to the critical acclaim and financial success of "The Kingdom," as the Universal Pictures movie garnered an estimated $17.7 million at the box office during its opening weekend.

ASU finally lifts weight of road losing streak

The Valley’s long-lasting nightmare is over. The ASU football team has won a conference game in California. No longer do Arizonans have to be ashamed of Sun Devil car stickers or hats when migrating West for summer vacations.

ASU racks up goals in wins

The ASU women's soccer team's offense finally broke out last weekend by soundly defeating San Diego State 3-0 on Friday and Creighton 4-0 on Sunday.

Devil Dish
In the words of the immortal Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out there?"

Priceless Sports Commentary: ASU takes care of business
Maroon pants, and a business-like approach was all the No. 18 ASU football team needed to end its 14-game losing streak in the state of California.

ASU sweeps Oregon State for first conference win
What better way to bounce back from a loss than with a sweep.

Opinions: There'll always be more stuff to buy, I swear

Tempe Marketplace officially opened its doors Friday night to much pomp and excitement. The complex, just east of campus on McClintock Drive and Rio Salado Parkway, is a wonderland of middle-class shopping. They've got Payless Shoe Source, a Target, a G by Guess, a several thousand square foot Hallmark store, and a corporate bookstore along with more than 100 other shops. According to the Tempe Marketplace Web site, we are to understand that the new center is "not a Mall, it's a destination!"

Opinions: Smoking lights up big screen

MISAK: Smoking kills, that's a fact. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has made it its job to save lives by giving an R rating to all movies that show characters smoking cigarettes. It's a debate that has been looming over the film industry. Should movies be rated R just based on a cigarette or two?

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Cover story: Internet killed the radio star?


In kindergarten, the first thing we learn is that sharing is caring. In college, this idea could cost you thousands of dollars.

Action drives 'Kingdom' to success

As far as political thrillers go, "The Kingdom" does not disappoint, including tense government meetings, car chases and explosions that an audience might expect.
Revenge fuels the plot, which is neatly divided between good guys and bad guys in the War on Terror.

Feature: Chalk outline
Midnight is about to strike on ASU's Tempe campus. With February fresh in the crisp desert air, Ash Ponders, a religious studies senior, and the gang known affectionately as the Chalkmonauts, start to spread their art across the sidewalks.

Go: Fall color in Arizona
Fall is here in Arizona, but don't expect to see cholla turn orange and gold or for cacti to begin dropping their needles. If you're dying to see some real autumn color, a day-trip up north might be just what you need. Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon offer scenic views of landscapes and plenty of trees with real autumn color.

RC Helicopters

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